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The Power Of The Congruence

Congruence between what we say, think and do is essential for the achievement of the goals and objectives in our lives. When what you say does not agree with what you are doing you lose power, you lose credibility. When that ask the universe with your words this marred by what you think really inside of you, things you wish you were not. Consistency between what you say with your words, you think in your mind and do in the real world when you act, becomes a powerful beam which crosses a Prism and light the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, only when the three points and are aligned towards one place, toward a common goal. On one occasion I was with a friend, and asked that he thought about women and quickly answered me: the women? They are all about witches, this friend even though you try having a partner and do many positive statements cost you much have a harmonious and healthy relationship with someone who thinks that she is a witch in her unconscious! You can imagine! , I likewise heard in countless of opportunities to very close friends asking the universe the love of their lives, but when they provoke them, openly manifest men are about dogs, or are animals, so verbatim, then as the universe will conspire to the achievement of love with such unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and in your heart? Likewise happens to money and financial success, the person who fails to rise above what investigationg survival level, is often by that inside the thoughts about money are opposite and contradictory with your beliefs and values more profound. That to do then? If you would like to achieve consistency in mind, words and action? Definitely with the self-observation.

Faculty that we have human beings to act as silent witnesses of our thoughts, words and actions. He begins to observe your thoughts on an issue of vital importance for you. record them in a journal, above all those subtle, those that are constantly bombarding your psyche and that both run, run not even you realize that they exist, but they will undermine your ability to achieve your goals, those thoughts which, it is worth comparing, are like a noisy air-conditioning, you get used to the noise and do you think that does not exist, but the noise is there, interfering in your dream. The self-observation allows us to put a stop to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping on our mind and allows us to keep the boat headed to fruition. Self-observation allows us to take actions and measures to heal the internal and external contradictions. The observation car you can practise it through meditation. But better still, observe you constantly hear you when you speak, observe your thoughts, observes your actions, and accurate if there is congruence between what you ask to the universe and what you do and say.

Kabbalistic Tarot

The symbolic richness of the tarot has been already widely recognized. The profusion of mystical, hermetic and Kabbalistic and mythological elements present in each harness is enormous and is conjugated to transmit messages of great power and wisdom. Within the Kabbalistic elements, has been extensively studied the meaning of the numbers in each tarot card, since not only the figure of each letter, but even the number of times that certain elements are repeated within the same is of utmost importance. Such are the evolution and complexity of the tarot has reached over the centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that also the colors chosen to illustrate scenes that appear in each letter also have their own meaning. And may be one factor to keep in mind when interpreting the tarot messages. White color, within the symbolic system of the tarot, transmits an image of purity, spirituality, light and innocence. But also of joy and optimism.

The black on the other hand, speaks of inner life and introspection that can become excessive isolation and submission. You can also suggest an austere, methodical and organized personality. The gray color is another tones indicating organization and stability, although in his case, accompanied by a good management of the interaction and social relations. Red is the color of passion, attraction, desire and love. Its orange cousins and yellow bring message of creativity, joy, power, strength, optimism, energy and intelligence. The rose speaks of innocence, tenderness and delivered to others. Another that indicates stability for the Tarot cards, in addition to gray, is blue.

Indeed, this is the tone of the wisdom, faith, loyalty and quiet confidence. Also Brown suggests stability and all the other qualities traditionally considered as masculine. The Green is for the tarot, the color of nature, and why their attributes, fertility, abundance, freshness, vitality, growth, harmony, exuberance and strength are associated with him. The dark green is also, for the Tarot, the color of money. Wealth, however, is represented in the tarot by the Golden tones, which also symbolize divine spirit, spiritual openness and real attributes. As you can see, the beautiful colors that adorn each tarot card hide multiple messages that are well worth discovering.


We constantly hear from friends or acquaintances about the carjacking. See this televised. Sometimes, faced with this unpleasant person. Trying to find out as much as possible to protect themselves from this scourge. A Councils set, as well as methods of stealing, unfortunately. Visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs for more clarity on the issue. Sometimes it seems that generally does not protect your car against theft and we are starting to rely on a 'maybe'.

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The garage can be kill rates, but not qualitatively to repaint the car. Too much effort and resources necessary to is the cost. Simply select the object of theft less visible counterpart. Think for yourself, decide for yourself – to have or not have airbrushing.

Universal Declaration

His mother was a municipal councilor of San Sebastian, Mr. Ordonez, a victim of terrorism, addressed to the authors of the murder as follows: “Tell your children to stop killing, you can do it, because soon you will be speaking with them in prisons located in the Basque autonomy. I, if I want to talk to my son, I have to go to the cemetery. You may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown to increase your knowledge. ” Real sad reflection. We all know that the PSOE-its-present Executive, who chairs Rodriguez Zapatero, made contact with Spanish terrorism has informed the Congress of Deputies, and, of course, always the leader of the Opposition. And this is because we are jeopardizing the security of Spain, and consequently, the safety of all Spanish. By So here we are with another small mistake. Spanish terrorism (as I call it, because you think that Basques are also Spanish) is a thousand-headed dragon.

Shall expire when the democratic parties they seek to Spanish. ‘The Dragon’ was his sanctuary policy-armed French soil for more than fourteen years. Had the consent of the French executive, who gave the terrorists the power to invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 14, that is, given the right of asylum to persons who killed (and are still killing in France March 2010) under political ideals. Killing is and always will be a common crime, and realize that, against the violent, it is useless to carry on our chests the blue ribbon of peace. Now, France is crying the first murder of a policeman, after years of being considered sanctuary “Spanish terrorism” and Sarkozy speaks of strength … When France-its-favored political tected and that ‘the thousand-headed dragon “(terrorism Spanish) gala ground take root and grow this plant poison that kills perhaps for the pleasure of killing … So the bell tolls for the death of Jean-Serge Nerin “Terrorism Spanish (…) will expire when the political parties they seek to” Sad it is to remember what the French newspaper ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’ said the March 14, 2001: “The leadership of the terrorist movement is in the region Paris (at least the alternate, as the heads are in the south), the military training camps in Landes (southwest), the false document factory at Bayonne, the resting places of soldiers of the organization in need rest, in Hendaye, and ‘residence’ retirement of prisoners who are not extradited to Spain in Anglet. Now, the President of the French executive, and tearing their garments through the use of words, that they can be take the wind-has announced that “asks 30-year imprisonment for anyone who infringes their police.” Beautiful words that do not correspond with the facts, because they were the ones who magnified the ‘Dragon of thousand heads’: Spanish terrorism. John Donne, English poet, once wrote: “(…) any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never do know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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