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Vintage Motorcycle Development

Vintage motorcycles are becoming better popular. Not without reason, they are connected with the beginnings of the motorized traffic closely. The origins lie in series of motorcycle in 1900. At that time, the first combustion engines were used in reinforced bicycle frames. They were simple single-cylinder two-cylinder engines with less open valves usually with so-called sniffer valves. This type of valve is controlled not mechanically closed only with a special pen.

When the piston moves down to suck fresh air through the vacuum will open the valve, fresh mixture can flow. This method was very simple, but not particularly effective. Most of the motors that time had no gear flange, a special right on the crankshaft pulley was attached to was transferred directly from the engine to the rear wheel the power. With a long handle was a tension roller are actuated so that the belt was stretched, it was a very simple way of a coupling. A rotary throttle was still completely unknown, it was similar in advanced motorcycles on a knob as regulated with lawnmowers. Braking with brake shoes was worked on the tires or the rims. Was started by pushing, kick starter came on later. Electric light was not on the bike, as many had a lantern.

Only from the 20's was offered a light, standard initial charge extra, in the early 30's had electric light. Until the outbreak of World War I were as good as all bikes without lights on the road. A two-cylinder engine with 5 HP was an absolute top model. Only after the war began, the first golden age of motorcycle and ended up very fast in inflation.


It is better The question of the future (or present) of the children and their education – a basic that connects your young family and parents. However, each has its own views, principles and priorities. And the mother-son forced to share with the "foreign woman" does not accept the need to give her the same and their grandchildren. If it weighs on you, convincing bear "right now", to clearly identify its (of course, common with her man) position: "We understand your feelings, but in the next couple of years Child did not start planning. " And after the baby born with a newly-minted grandmother developed a unified strategy of education, rather convincingly suggest to her and mind you its reasonable adjustments.

And yet, no amateur! When she realizes that you are not simply cast it to the dustbin of history, and appreciate the experience and felt instantly become a reliable assistant and ally. A grandmother's assistance in child care, must agree, is important. 72% Women-in-law were able to establish good relations. Scout catchphrase: "That's just I do not need to deceive to hang!" what does IT: At acquaintance found out your biography to the fifth generation, recorded the passport data and fingerprinted. My son asked how much he comes home from work and where were you on Saturday at 14-00, then asks the same questions you and compares readings. When the case certainly "nastuchit" it to you. If the bride does not wish suspected, but an ally, it would start with a zeal to deliver "intelligence information" on your part: as he is in kindergarten fell in love with Masha from a nearby yard, said that his ex when she found out about your union, and with whom she had seen him on the street last week.


So a very interesting question, I decided to pick it up. Many people, when I worked as a jeweler called me with a question: – I have a dark ring, perhaps I was deceived, gold does not darken, but I have and so on My head comes a story from the mid 90-ies of the 20 th century, when they were dashing 90's and customers often become people with professional experience – 'Bandits', and so once I did the same customer seal, and it comes two weeks after the adoption of order and not very happy that the gold was dark and brown. I naturally have always worked with the test metal and was sure to sample the product, but the man was convinced of the contrary. As a result, we have made independent examination of this product and it concluded that was wrong. As it turned out he had health problems and of course gold is dark, when a person has such a problem. So when you have a dark gold, causes can be much, but if you did not buy gold ornaments on sale in Turkey or elsewhere – ever. Typically manufacturers and sellers do not want problems with gostorginspektsiey and and vparivat you will not! This is simply as an indicator of how the first call you are not yet very pleasant. Therefore, take care of yourself and all you will be fine!

Golden Age

In the same year tried his hand at kinematografe.Sovmestno with Dyunyuelem he makes the now classic two films "Un Chien Andalou 'and' Golden Age '. In 1928, after the split of the surrealist Dali becomes glavoynovogo center and arrange for its first exhibition in Paris. In the summer of 1929 in a small Cadaques acquainted with Helen Diakonova, afterwards he always called her Galoy. Galey called her mother away in .V this town, where there was this significant meeting, she came with her husband, Paul Eluard, and a small daughter. El Salvador fell in love at first sight, haunted her.

It is not immediately reciprocated. But still stayed with him, leaving her daughter in the care of husband's mother. But as many as 19 years old Salvador dobivalsyazakonnogo formalization of relations, and only after the departure of another world Paul Eluard, they were married. Common children in El Salvador and Gala was not, his status as a bequest was transferred to the state. Gala's daughter did not get anything. Now her daughter lives in America, seven times married, and not very communicative with the press. But back in 1929. Gala has become his companion, his muse, the inspiration for a lifetime.

The image of the ideal woman, woven from childhood, was transformed into a living rights. Gala, putting on their fragile shoulders of all the daily chores, opened the way for him to free creation. Her undoubted vocation – to help reveal the talent of Dali. Gala often told him: 'Pictures are waiting for you.

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