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Democratic Popular Party

ALFONSO RODRiGUEZ / EFE Commonwealth model governs their relations since 1952. Washington manages the territory but does not grant its inhabitants the same treatment as Americans. During these past four years Congress has ignored the annexationist claims of the Government of San Juan. Puerto Ricans have said for the first time in its history, in a non-binding consultation, wanting to become a State most of us.The U.S., instead of the model of Commonwealth which governs their relations since 1952. Credit: Sen. Sherrod Brown-2011. The result of the consultation held on Tuesday to coincide with the general election breaks with decades of support of Puerto Ricans to the current status, that perpetuates a relationship that Washington manages the territory but does not grant its inhabitants the same treatment as Americans. 61,15% Of voters opted for the annexation to EE UU to become one State, while a 33,31% opted for the figure of the free associate sovereign State, with a relationship of equals, and so only a 5.53% he advocated independence. The Democratic Popular Party (PPD), whose candidate for Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, won general elections on Tuesday, had warned that the inquiry was misleading because it did not include among the possible options the current Commonwealth status.

The defeated Governor and promoter of the consultation, the annexation Luis Fortuno, refused to introduce that option argued that it lacked sense propose something that meant to encourage the perpetuation of the colony, as it is considered this territory to the UN. Wondered voters in the first place if they were in favor or against maintaining the current status, which allows a high degree of autonomy but which leaves in the hands of Washington issues such as borders, defence and international relations. This was the first time in history that raised this question and a 53,99% said that it was contrary to the current status, while a 46,01% spoke out in favour of perpetuating it.

Catalan Chamber

EFE the President of the Generalitat and CIU candidate for re-election wants to a solemn declaration based on transparency and legality. This is the first step of the set of measures laid down by their training to be able to carry out a popular consultation on the future of Catalonia. The President of the Generalitat and CiU candidate for re-election, Artur Mas, has announced Friday that one of the first steps to take if it wins the elections of 25-N is to propose to the Parliament a new solemn declaration by the right to decide based on the transparency and legality. I understand that a solemn declaration is in line to win the respect of the international community and even sectors of the Spanish State, said more in a press conference held at the headquarters of CiU in Barcelona. Source: Ohio Senator. In their first contact with the media in the Catalan campaign, which has started this Friday, the CiU candidate has charted the first actions that, if he wins the election as indicated by polls, intends to exercise to ensure the popular consultation on the future of Catalonia, which is the central axis of its program. He has advanced that, if he wins, the first agreement of the legislature that will boost is a new declaration of the Parliament for the exercise of the right to decide the Catalan Chamber already approved a text in this sense in the previous mandate, so that he can be effective using available legal frameworks or that they can create, both in CatalanSpanish, European or international. The CiU candidate also has announced that his first action in the Government will summon all political formations, which are in favour of the right to decide and which not, a formal and solemn meeting to discuss how focused this new stage. See more: more it will boost a declaration of the Parlament on the right decide respecting legality.

State Bulletin

Jimenez indicates that they lead years working with groups of Congress to achieve a parliamentary initiative in this regard and, as the situation is entrenched, the entity includes carry case to Spanish and European justice. Forced to surrender their savings in full Civil War, specifically in 1938, a decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Francoist, Burgos-based Government, ordered the prohibition of the possession of paper currency in course by the enemy, according to the official State Bulletin (BOE) of 1938. This ruling, moreover, ordered the seizure of paper currency printed by the Republican government from 1936, which also put into circulation some municipalities located in Republican territory and even cooperative. For this purpose, created the Fund of paper currency put into circulation by the enemy, and thus, neighbors of all Spain had to hand over their savings to the Bank of Spain, to the municipalities and private banks, and never claimed the amount paid. This is not the first case of victims of Civil war and the Franco regime which have not benefited from the Act of memory Historical going to court to claim their rights. This March the European Court of human rights admitted pending a lawsuit from the Spanish Evangelical Church (IEE), Protestant denomination oldest in Spain, Evangelical pastors who exercised during Franco’s regime are discriminated against. The reason is that the Social security of the era did not recognize the profession of Protestant pastor, so it could not quote, and the State still does not recognize your right to collect pensions for themselves and their widows. Source of the news: thousands of families of all Spain demand to collect the red money that was seized them in the dictatorship.

Government Program

The Deputy of the PP Ramon Moreno makes a harsh criticism to the work of Ana Pastor as presenter of the morning programme of interviews of TVE. Says on his blog that she is equal to attendees of the PSOE and pp PP Ramon Moreno Deputy has not published this Friday a post on his blog here there is no interference, hosted on the website of the people’s Party, which shows his opinion about TVE breakfasts programme, presented by journalist Ana Pastor. In the post, titled the well done things are otherwise, Moreno sets out that the presenter and Program Manager lacks self-critical spirit by stating in an interview that if everybody criticizes his program is because we are doing things well. According to Moreno – spokesperson of the Joint Commission of control parlamamentario of RTVE – breakfasts is the program of TVE where you can more appreciate the different treatment given to one or the other politicians in the party to which they belong. Asserts in his post that not all the Socialist leaders are treated equally in the program, but the impertinence and harassment reside mostly in interviews to the PP. Just stop at the tenor and tone of the questions and in the permanent party of the referee decision, says referring to Ana Pastor.

It adds that there are scandalous examples of this way of acting of the presenter and ensures that all this is conclusive for know that you are not doing things well on the agenda of the public broadcaster. The Deputy of the people’s party denies that the insinuations that have been done on if the program is in danger if the PP wins the general elections of 20-N are certain. But makes clear what would be the decision of the PP if it were to govern: long before Ana Pastor already existed the breakfasts of TVE and will then exist with endless possibilities of improving. A lapidary phrase which implies that the program could still emit is TVE with PP in the Government, but hardly with Ana Pastor as a presenter. Source of the news: El PP insinuates in your web that if he wins the elections he will remove Ana Pastor of Breakfasts

National Union

The March of the million was the challenge launched by the outraged from Israel to get the largest demonstration in the history of this country. They are protesting by the social and economic situation in which Israel finds. More than 400,000 people star in the biggest demonstration in the history of Israel in the so-called March of one million, Zenith of the protest against the scarcity of life which began in July, according to channels 1, 2 and 10 of the local television. Towards 2230 local time (19.30 GMT), greater participation was recorded in Tel Aviv, with 292,000 people, while in Jerusalem have concentrated between 35,000 and 50,000 people and in Haifa about 25,000 people. We won’t stop this protest until you, Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu), give us real solutions. We are here to stay, said one of the main leaders of the mobilization, the President of the National Union of students, Itzik Shmueli, at the rally in Tel Aviv. Shmueli warned that the road to victory will not be easy, but will end up with a better israeli society based on a better balance between the free market economy and the human economy.

The March of a million was the challenge launched by the outraged from Israel to achieve the largest demonstration in the country’s history, seven weeks after the start of his protest movement. The outraged managed to take to the streets to 300,000 people in the then largest concentration in the history of the Jewish State for reasons not related to the Middle East conflict. The figure today, in a country of 7.5 million, exceeds the until now greater concentration in the history of the Jewish State, when 400,000 people took to the streets in protest, 1982 by the massacres in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, in the Lebanon. The Israelis of any political persuasion or religious, as it emphasizes one of the videos of mobilization ctuados by the organizers, had been summoned in cities across the country between 2030 and 2130 local time (17.30 and 18.30 GMT). Although the poster of the call reza, in a play on words: they only understand numbers, the organizers insisted that the success of the protest must not be measured solely by the number of attendees.

Last Saturday only mobilized 20,000, half in Tel Aviv. The israeli Minister’s Dnsa, Ehud Barak, advanced Friday that, although this Saturday night only 100,000 people, express their voice must be heard. The reply was born in Tel Aviv when a young planted in July, a tent in a downtown boulevard after running out of rented house. His case was followed by others in solidarity, which filled the Boulevard of hundreds of shops, spread to other cities and became a wider socio-economic protest movement. However, the initiative has been criticized in certain circles of left by set aside for tactical reasons the thorny issue of occupation and colonization of the Palestinian territories. Source of the news: more than 400,000 people in the March of the million, the largest protest in the history of Israel

Rodiezmo Mining Party

This will be the second consecutive year in which Zapatero is not involved. The traditional festival, organised by UGT, will be held on 4 or 5 September. The Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, attend the mining party of Rodiezmo (Leon) in representation of the federal leadership, rather than the j of the Government and leader of the party, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in September or its candidate for the elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. According to sources of the PSOE, the party leadership wanted to recover to a figure of first level to assist in your representation, once last year not already attract the Prime Minister. This will be the second consecutive year in which Zapatero does not participate in this mining Festival, organized by UGT and he attended since I was leader of the Leon Socialists. Zapatero decided to not go last year as a gesture of respect to the position and speech ugetistas on the occasion of the general strike for a few days later.

Jose White will be who represents to the PSOE in this occasion, an act which will be held on 4 or 5 September and will you expected come, as it is traditional, the Secretary general of UGT, Candido Mendez, and the former Government Alfonso Guerra. Since Zapatero was sworn in President had tapped his speech at Rodiezmo to open the political course and to express its special commitment to social policies. There, since 2004 he had announced every year a special climb of minimum pensions. Source of the news: Jose Blanco will attend on behalf of the PSOE at Rodiezmo mining party

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