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The Economy And The Ethics

Whereas the economy functions in the base of what e, ticafunciona with what it would have to be. One becomes necessary then, to establish umarelao between these two polar regions. Although the majority of the economists admits that ethical osvalores lapsed the economy of welfare and the economic policy, they elesprosseguem with some confidence in the belief of that its work in what respeitaao scope of the pure application of the economic theory is eticamente neutral. Adam Smith admits that the majority of the people, in the majority dotempo in accordance with proceeds the moral law institutionalized in the time and espaoonde if they find. The economy originally was part of the ethics, Treat-silks virtuous actions of the head of family in relation to its attributions naorganizao of the house. Adam Smith changed this in 1776 with the book Wealth dasnaes. It was not a gradual change, but a rupture. Until then all they saw aeconomia in the same way with that more or less it treated it to Aristotle, that is, as part of the ethical philosophy.

Even though the professor of Adam Smith it saw aeconomia as a branch of the ethical philosophy and politics. Agriculture, porexemplo, were seen as a duty the holy ghost. The man had the responsibility, or to odever moral, of ' ' to take care of of terra' '. To leave to make it was consideradoindigno. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to agree. Nowadays this duty if did not lose, it extended to have it dotrabalho, that it finds its apex in the protestant ethics, as shows Max Weber.Osautores mercantilistas not yet had the economy vision that Adam Smithtinha, Them had simply extended the patriarcal duty to the duty of the governing fury did not understand the economy as having one ' ' functioning espontneoe regular' ' , with proper rules derivatives of the ethical mathematics and not dependentesda or of the philosophy.

European Commission

The European continent, of all form, is an aggregation of rich countries that are not dependents between itself of the technological point of view and that they possess innumerable restrictions to the good entrance or services of its neighbors or any another part of the world. Countries as Portugal or Spain, weakker in relation to excessively in the question technological development, the sufficient one accumulates wealth commercially to participate with its neighbors and the remaining portion of the world. By the way, the European countries that had never left to colonize other people’s lands are also rich, because a species of &#039 occurs there; ' vases comunicantes' ' , that is, to the measure where Portugal and Spain had left the field colonizing, they had been also bringing wealth for inside of house, but also raising the level of income of its neighbors by means of the commerce. In the sequncia, inside of the same process, the Europe goes if enriching because the settling gains impulse, with state investments to that wanted ' ' arriscar' ': Cristvo Italian Columbus gains investment direct of the Spanish crown to launch beyond-sea. France if launches in the north of Africa, of where until today it keeps its wells of oil (Algeria, Elf) and Germany, England, Italy Assuming a position next to what rich countries already make he has times, man power banishes from the Third World for the same process now immigrates with each time more frequency: the European Commission esteem that is about 8 million people living illegally in the block. For this brief story, taking itself in account the general aspects that we mention on the European Union, remain difficult to imagine that Brazil can develop a narrower commerce, but that over all if it imposes to this set of countries, practising a little of austerity in the negotiations in what it says respect the raw material prices, are exported or those used by transnational and the multinationals internally. em.

Golden Horizon Travel

We cannot fail of share what you once said to John Muir mountains are the sources of man as well as the rivers, the glaciers. Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play as well as places to pray, where nature can offer comfort and lift the spirit and give strength to the body as well as the soul. While Ansel Adams said Yosemite is for me, always a Sunrise, a palette of green and gold colors that Marvel the vast Valley of stones and space, every experience is a form of exploration, adding not all persons they trust what they see in the paintings, but people rely on photographs. And why you don’t take a photograph, you make the picture. Explore with Golden Horizon Travel and immortalize the natural beauty of Glacier Point in his own photographs. We recommend our tour to the Yosemite and Glacier Point in our vans 4 4 SUV where take him to explore the Yosemite where buses and vans are not permitted to travel. Trekking or hiking walks they begin at Glacier Point, our private ride of 2 days is adapted to the tastes of our passengers and offers you the best routes of hiking in North America. In fact the more recognized Yosemite National Park hiking trails starts from Glacier Point to explore breathtaking walks considered slope beneath the mountain Panorama Trail route and majestic Yosemite falls as the Yosemite falls, Nevada falls the more high waterfalls in North America.

The route will take descending it towards the path of Mist toward the happiness Islands (Happy Isles) passing other fantastic waterfalls and towering Rocky summits as Half Dome along the trail, is approximately 6 hours of walking). Need you have more reasons to join this adventure? Glacier Point is open to the public from mid-spring to early fall. (depends on the weather conditions) Most of the conventional bus rides through the crowded crowded Yosemite Valley located at 4200 feet below of Glacier Point. Unlike other travel agencies, Golden Horizon Travel offers daily excursions in 4 4 SUV to visit Glacier Point where the views are spectacular and impressive to leave you breathless! Book your tour now and get 10% discount for a unique adventure in your life that you’ll never forget.

Local Conservation Agriculture Minister

Demand for tilapia is growing in Venezuela, this country has great potential for this sector, which has the advantage of being fattened up in brackish water, said the expert. According to FAO, tilapia is the second most important aquaculture fish in the world after the Chinese carps, with an annual production of over two million tonnes. Opinions and report The Director of the CRIA, Prof. Julio Cesar Rodriguez reported that the tilapia was first introduced in Venezuela in 1959, from Trinidad, and was then planted in natural water bodies Artificial different regions of the country. “There is no certainty when and how it was introduced on the island of Margarita, however, there is a history of research in 1998, over three growing experience with Tilapia fingerlings brought from the state of Carabobo and developed in Sector Comejen , San Francisco and Aricagua Macanao.

” In this situation, the CRIA calls for researchers and technicians who make scientific life on the island, as well as government agencies-Ministry of Environment, INSOPESCA, among others, to form a task force with the aim of collecting necessary field information at regional and clarify what is the status of Tilapia in the watershed and coastal marine zone, its abundance, environmental and biological factors that favor or limit the development and advancement of this species. He highlighted the Prof. Julio Cesar Rodriguez, is urgently seeking effective technique to control the increase of its population in favor of Local Conservation Agriculture Minister of Venezuela, Elias Jaua Milano, said the food crisis affecting the countries that comprise the ALBA Petrocaribe and the decision was made to create this fund “with a contribution of 50 cents per each barrel exported to Venezuela and that over one hundred dollars on that basis has estimated that this year will be about 450 million dollars.

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