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In France

This work is conducted the vii Congress of the Comintern (1935). Representatives of the 76-communist parties in this Congress, it was recognized that the new conditions the process does not change from one bourgeois government by another, and forced a change of one form of state domination of the bourgeoisie – bourgeois democracy – another form – open terrorist dictatorship. A heavy blow to the governing core of the Comintern, the representatives of communist parties in several European countries have caused the Stalinist repression of the second half 30-ies. In these circumstances, the idea of creating a united front anti-fascist democratic forces was unrealized. In the second half of the 30-ies on the European political arena, a new phenomenon. In France and Spain in 1936, came to power the Popular Front government, representing the left-wing political party. The emergence of the idea of the Popular Front – a consequence of the onset of fascism and the awareness of his left-wing parties the greatest danger to democracy and the labor movement.

First, as a rule, arose united workers' front, – the union of Socialists and Communists – and then he became the center of gravity of all the democratic anti-fascist forces – both appeared Popular Front. The impetus for the beginning of rapprochement of the socialists and Communists in France has attempted fascist coup on Feb. 6, 1934. French fascism was much weaker than the German and the example he has never been organizationally unified movement. But against the backdrop of the bloody the suppression of democracy in Germany, the coup literally galvanized France. Began mass anti-fascist demonstrations organized separately at first the Socialists and Communists. At the urging of the socialists on February 12 started a political strike, demanding a ban fascist organizations.

To participate in it called on their supporters and the Communists. Thus began a counter movement of communists and socialists. That summer, they signed pact of united action, in 1935 they were joined by part of the Radical Party. July 14, the day the Bastille was held the first joint anti-fascist demonstration. It was headed by Leon Blum, Maurice Thorez and Edouard Daladier – leaders of the socialists, communists and radicals

Kabbalistic Consumption

If there are a hundred powerful economies on the planet, fifty-one are large companies. But really outrageous is the fact that both dishonesty and little transparent methods that use these companies are brought to society as honest practices, as something to which all human beings should aspire. Somehow they have brainwashed us so that we end up thinking that we have to be at the height of the nearby front and have, as a minimum, the same as he. But how we got to this point in which the average United States citizen consumes twice what they consumed fifty years ago? According to Story of Stuff II shortly after the second world war, did not know what to do to make the economy from entering a growth rate. Victor Labow business analyst made the solution that has become the norm that now governs the entire system.

He explained that a so terribly productive economy as ours demands we make consumption a way of life, that we convert the purchase and acquisition of property in a ritual, that consumption will provide pleasure to our ego and our spirit. We need things to be eaten, are used, which become unnecessary and are replaced each time more quickly. And perhaps worst of all is that this disease of the soul is sweeping the country spreading also to other Nations. Never before people felt so empty as now we are taking account of the truth that was that proverb that said money does not bring happiness. While we have everything that we want and more, fourteen million Americans have fallen in the consumption of narcotics and twelve million are heavy drinkers.

Depression, suicide, disease all this lurks about us and about the next generation. And we do not understand why. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the current crisis is the result of the evolution of our desire of receive. What do we mean by this? That by nature, our lives are governed by desires and our attempts to meet them. One of the most important Kabbalistic texts, the book of the Zohar, argues that precisely in our time will emerge in humanity a new spiritual desire and the wisdom of Kabbalah will be the only method capable of meeting it. A method that will allow us to discover a new source of fullness: spiritual world that lies beyond this material world that surrounds us. As we move forward in the study of this ancient teaching, we will being aware not only of the real reasons for the unbridled consumption, but many other problems our in particular and the world in general. We begin to understand that there is a law which operates in each system of nature: the Act of granting. We begin to understand that all this turmoil that we are now facing is the result of our way of acting selfish and against the law. Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah came to understand, to exist in harmony with the nature laws. Questions such as what is the meaning of my life? or do you never I feel fully satisfied?, which have accompanied the man for thousands of years, not again pose a mystery to us.

Buying Tires Online Store

Sufficiently advanced information technologies, is firmly included in our daily lives, provide Internet users with tremendous opportunities. For business people – it is simply an indispensable business tool, as well as tool allows you to save time. When did the need to replace car tires is more than relevant, not everyone has the opportunity to visit a specialty store or a few hours working day spent on the choice of tires at the local car market. In this case, information technology and the Internet in a hurry to your aid. In order to be in a tire shop, now do not have several hours stuck in traffic jams getting to the desired object, you simply enter the address of an online store selling tires in your browser and just a moment before you a choice of tires in a few thousand items. 'Range – this, of course, well – you say, 'Well, how do I choose a tire specifically for my car? ". Developers of online retailers have taken care of it – at your service intelligent tools of choice and sorting.

Purchase of buses on the Internet is not simply saves time, it's a number of advantages: 1) Quick and easy search of appropriate models and manufacturers. 2) You do not need to understand the marking of the tires – for each model represented an exhaustive description, that makes the buying process is not only deliberate, but also optimal. 3) The means of comparison goods, will help you in just a few seconds to choose what you are looking for and to identify the tire leaders of the given characteristics of 4) Shuttle buses – one of the most significant benefits of buying from an online store. Perfection for free for a few hours you will deliver tires to Moscow. If delivery is required outside the Ring Road it has no free will, however, it value can be compared with self-transportation from the store in the heart of the capital. 5) Many inetrenet-mangiziny tires provide an opportunity not only to buy goods, but also offer free consulting services. By phone or on icq you be able to get answers to any questions. 6) And for those who are willing to spend at least half an hour to choose from, some inernet stores offer to get acquainted with the test results, as well as reviews of tires. Successful you Shopping in cyberspace! Interet stores tires – for you.

Sail Shade

Sail Awnings have many benefits. You can create a cool area on the exterior of your home with little difficulty, providing excellent protection against the sun's harmful rays while still very elegantes.Pero when deciding to create your own sheet of sailing, you are presented with two options: and made an awning or a custom design. yCual choose? we discuss some details in favor and some against both types of awnings, sail to help you make the most favorable. Made awnings and sail favor Perhaps the most important difference with ready-made awnings is that they are much cheaper than those made to medida.Si never had a shadow candle before and want to try one to see what you think , then one and done is the best way to avoid spending too much money. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. Another important advantage of the ready-made sail awnings is their simplicidad.Aunque sail awnings made to measure are not too difficult to assemble, can be raised in almost any open area, however small they are without having to be hands . This makes especially useful in case of bad weather is fast disassembly.

Cons The biggest drawback awnings and sail is made if you have a space that is not already made regular.Como awnings come in specific designs, it may make the process of mounting them on an irregular area much more difficult. There is less choice when it comes to choosing colors and styles. Although ready-made sail awnings have a wide range of sizes and styles, it is difficult to create something really unico.Si want greater choice to use your awning to make a candle decorative or highlight an area outside your home, better to make a custom design. Personalized Sail Shade sail awnings favorCon custom, the main benefit is that they are specifically made to the size and shape that you request. They are especially useful when creating large areas of such as a school, playground or restaurante.Tambien makes them the perfect choice for their shadows in areas irregulares.Si garden or outdoor space has a unique way, would be more appropriate to create custom-made sail awning instead of going with the choice already made.

Custom sail awnings also are made of a heavier grade material which makes them much more durable and last longer time.And come with corner brackets and a belt for enhanced security around the edges that are stronger than hechos.Esto styles makes them particularly suitable for permanent residential areas. Cons The problem with the shadows as it is they may be more difficult to montar.A sometimes require specialized knowledge professional builders to create permanent structures which must unir.Esto also makes them more difficult to mount and disassemble, and therefore are less suitable for areas where they are to form a temporary refuge. Custom Candles are a more expensive option than candles and hechas.Usted get a lot of benefits for the money, the choice will depend on you have the budget, but with custom awnings have a benefit on a longer time. For more information, visit our website;.

European Commission

The European continent, of all form, is an aggregation of rich countries that are not dependents between itself of the technological point of view and that they possess innumerable restrictions to the good entrance or services of its neighbors or any another part of the world. Countries as Portugal or Spain, weakker in relation to excessively in the question technological development, the sufficient one accumulates wealth commercially to participate with its neighbors and the remaining portion of the world. By the way, the European countries that had never left to colonize other people’s lands are also rich, because a species of &#039 occurs there; ' vases comunicantes' ' , that is, to the measure where Portugal and Spain had left the field colonizing, they had been also bringing wealth for inside of house, but also raising the level of income of its neighbors by means of the commerce. In the sequncia, inside of the same process, the Europe goes if enriching because the settling gains impulse, with state investments to that wanted ' ' arriscar' ': Cristvo Italian Columbus gains investment direct of the Spanish crown to launch beyond-sea. France if launches in the north of Africa, of where until today it keeps its wells of oil (Algeria, Elf) and Germany, England, Italy Assuming a position next to what rich countries already make he has times, man power banishes from the Third World for the same process now immigrates with each time more frequency: the European Commission esteem that is about 8 million people living illegally in the block. For this brief story, taking itself in account the general aspects that we mention on the European Union, remain difficult to imagine that Brazil can develop a narrower commerce, but that over all if it imposes to this set of countries, practising a little of austerity in the negotiations in what it says respect the raw material prices, are exported or those used by transnational and the multinationals internally. em.

Lao Tzu

These are the two worlds of subjective meta Physics (Plato, Lao Tzu) and objective Physics (Aristotle, Confucius). Our high active world (DRE, transcendence) is the first and the second quantitative passive world (creation, ratio, immanence). a) We therefore live with ourselves: an individual quasi dictatorship, the semi-autonomous selfishness (vs. altruism, Alterozentrik) and the Egozentik or narcissism. (b) with a primary social group dictatorship (ICH-du, we). (c) these groups stood in the natural context, first in an archaic competition or competition (we-your) for food and habitats. Married was within each group.

It grew contrary companies with dialectical developments. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. The rule over rivals were achieved only with violence. Cooperation requires advanced civilized societies. Evolutionary innovative, humanity evolved from the clan societies: dictatorship of the individual companies in the modern times: democracy the dictatorship is the world’s most natural and oldest rule form, with religious leaders and political demagogues with their ideologies. Everyone, even the modern computer players, tends to be dictatorial, autocratic decisions – if necessary before long majority decisions. That’s why many young sitting like on the PC no one makes them rules! “Examples of human development: the oldest principles of domination were sure: the law of the strongest.” “(Men are physically about women, patriarchy) who farmed the land which it.” who has the has. ” “The historical development of early mankind (of the speech to the font) can be seen in two guiding principles of the Old Testament: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” (Blut-Rache, Sippenhaft) like you me so I you. ” Help you even help you God.” These are the guiding principles of natural religion and clan societies today. “The Jew of Jesus made it be: love your neighbor as yourself.” “(Socialism) and someone on the left cheek, hits you so even the right cheek him!” (Pacifism) “Later, the Christians released their ten commandments: you shall not.” From it were English Bill centuries later of rights (1689), they overcame the prevailing until then thought of the school and replaced it with the principle of parliamentary sovereignty.

Architects and Business

Architect Jean Nouvel built in central Paris building with a mirrored facade, which reflects the prospect of leaving in an alley of trees. Strictly speaking, there is no front and no, but there is only one extending to the prospect of an alley. Perhaps difficult to find a more constructive example of campaigning for the ecology of the urban environment. However, residents of cities is still not persuaded, they want to live in the wilderness, away from the city. And since this is impossible, they say, live 'in nature' should be at least from time to time, and preferably in the house is completely appropriate suburban environment. And here it is difficult to invent anything more appropriate than a house of wood. It seems paradoxical that the tree is a building material industrial age.

Back in the xvii century the tree abandoned for a more progressive brick. Nevertheless, wooden houses continue to build and not only because of their aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness, but also because the tree – very tech stuff. Frequently Connecticut Senator has said that publicly. Build out of it quickly and easily. Also the main disadvantages of wood – rotting, flammability, and lack of gravity – are overcome by drying, hydrophobic and fire retardant impregnations, the introduction of synthetic resins, molding and sealing. A modern wooden house serves as his masters 70 – 80 years. With proper handling any tree looks extremely impressive. C in terms of appearance is not so important, whether the house is built of larch or pine from the logs or timber. Selection criterion can serve as installation and performance of the material.

If you are more important than strength and durability, choose a larch or oak, depending on what is there in your area. If you are dearer to the material pliable and easy to work – build a pine. However, the choice of breed – is not all. It is crucial, as the tree dried. Priority is given to drying in ovens. Then, other things being equal, acts iron law: the 'more natural' tree, the fewer processing stages it has passed, the less it is suitable for the construction of example, Round logs stronger than usual, as devoid of unstable pieces of wood – the sapwood. Round logs are fitted together more tightly, and the house made of logs increased stiffness and improved thermal insulation properties. Home from a bar to build better than a log, since timber has constant thickness. However Tselikov, sawn timber the same disadvantages as that of the timber: after a while there shrinkage cracks and is home construction as a whole. In contrast, sawn, glued laminated timber (it is glued together under pressure from the pre-dried boards – slats) provides minimal shrinkage. Building a house of logs fits in a single season, and duration of erection glued beam houses on a finished basement is less than a month. Tree – a living material, and built a house out of it requires special care. To avoid rot and mildew tree to once every 5 years impregnating preservatives. If a house is built on a low base, in 20 – 30 years will require replacing the lower crowns of carcass and 'black' floors downstairs. To preserve the tree is preferred to maintain constant temperature. Wooden houses do not care whether it lives permanently or just a 'bump' from time to time. But even if the visits do not occur often enough only slightly melt the oven to feel the warmth and comfort of a wooden house.

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