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Federal Law

The head of the city focused on the fact that residents of homes must demonstrate active participation and self- monitor progress of the work, because nobody, except them, it is better not to make 1. This idea lies at the heart of the Federal Law 185-FZ, which regulates the program overhaul. According to the current housing Code, the owners of apartment buildings are tenants. They will be responsible for the condition of the house after the completion of its reconstruction and, therefore, must themselves determine their need for repairs, to make estimates and take the building from the contractor. For this purpose, and had developed a scheme for co-financing activities carried out under the federal program.

Given the long-term debt to the public on capital repairs regional structures of public utilities, the state took over most of the costs – 95%. The remaining 5% must pay tenants. Advantageous if they need it? Let's count. The average repair costs to the standard five-storey blocks of 3-5 million rubles. Collect such amount of their own people is unlikely to be able to, but 5% of it (150-250 thousand rubles., or about 2-3 thousand per apartment) – completely. Whether such a high price for the actual new home (in fact, provided high-quality implementation of all planned activities result these should be used)? It is unlikely that this question requires an answer. The more so because in many cases, money can be made in equal installments during the year, ie 200-250 rubles a month apartment.

Architects and Business

Architect Jean Nouvel built in central Paris building with a mirrored facade, which reflects the prospect of leaving in an alley of trees. Strictly speaking, there is no front and no, but there is only one extending to the prospect of an alley. Perhaps difficult to find a more constructive example of campaigning for the ecology of the urban environment. However, residents of cities is still not persuaded, they want to live in the wilderness, away from the city. And since this is impossible, they say, live 'in nature' should be at least from time to time, and preferably in the house is completely appropriate suburban environment. And here it is difficult to invent anything more appropriate than a house of wood. It seems paradoxical that the tree is a building material industrial age.

Back in the xvii century the tree abandoned for a more progressive brick. Nevertheless, wooden houses continue to build and not only because of their aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness, but also because the tree – very tech stuff. Frequently Connecticut Senator has said that publicly. Build out of it quickly and easily. Also the main disadvantages of wood – rotting, flammability, and lack of gravity – are overcome by drying, hydrophobic and fire retardant impregnations, the introduction of synthetic resins, molding and sealing. A modern wooden house serves as his masters 70 – 80 years. With proper handling any tree looks extremely impressive. C in terms of appearance is not so important, whether the house is built of larch or pine from the logs or timber. Selection criterion can serve as installation and performance of the material.

If you are more important than strength and durability, choose a larch or oak, depending on what is there in your area. If you are dearer to the material pliable and easy to work – build a pine. However, the choice of breed – is not all. It is crucial, as the tree dried. Priority is given to drying in ovens. Then, other things being equal, acts iron law: the 'more natural' tree, the fewer processing stages it has passed, the less it is suitable for the construction of example, Round logs stronger than usual, as devoid of unstable pieces of wood – the sapwood. Round logs are fitted together more tightly, and the house made of logs increased stiffness and improved thermal insulation properties. Home from a bar to build better than a log, since timber has constant thickness. However Tselikov, sawn timber the same disadvantages as that of the timber: after a while there shrinkage cracks and is home construction as a whole. In contrast, sawn, glued laminated timber (it is glued together under pressure from the pre-dried boards – slats) provides minimal shrinkage. Building a house of logs fits in a single season, and duration of erection glued beam houses on a finished basement is less than a month. Tree – a living material, and built a house out of it requires special care. To avoid rot and mildew tree to once every 5 years impregnating preservatives. If a house is built on a low base, in 20 – 30 years will require replacing the lower crowns of carcass and 'black' floors downstairs. To preserve the tree is preferred to maintain constant temperature. Wooden houses do not care whether it lives permanently or just a 'bump' from time to time. But even if the visits do not occur often enough only slightly melt the oven to feel the warmth and comfort of a wooden house.

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