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In Search Of The Gilded One

The crisis that whips the planet this leaving to whole countries in the ruin, although we do not want it to see, they saldran before others and in our case not this nothing clearly, the information that goes out is quite turbid and inexact, the political power mind more than it does and this does not do more than to increase the distrust of the national business, mainly of the small industralist that gambles all their capital and patrimony in each company that is created. In these days a salesman of the English Cut commented to me, people has become crazy does not do more than to pay on credit and to buy, this same one commented Chistin to me one clienta to which I take the accounting to him, days before on the 5 of January of 2010 and without hardly entering it reductions, I I commented to them that somehow people were logical has been months without spending a duro and the emotional load of these celebrations desgata much more if fits, they have lain down the blanket at the top and caprichitos have occurred. Lamentable consumer oasis that passed invoice to the financial organizations and the own consumer, but the moans already would arrive and since only it is necessary to throw to him it blames either to shoemaker from the right or Capitalism from the left one or will come mother mine. Jim Donovan Goldman may help you with your research. Jonah Bloom: the source for more info. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Blumenthal. The population although is not created mental straws of our political leader relax its convictions to reach capitalist climax, bony I buy myself what it gives the desire me and will already pay it. As it passed at the time sea bream of Aznar, that many so many of a side as of another one remember with nostalgia. Lamentably this is going to take in returning if it returns someday, I I am listed in Argentina, that somewhat similar step according to me knowing have commented several Argentine, was the time I want of it I want and it already and just in case I take two. . e will follow.

Kabbalistic Consumption

If there are a hundred powerful economies on the planet, fifty-one are large companies. But really outrageous is the fact that both dishonesty and little transparent methods that use these companies are brought to society as honest practices, as something to which all human beings should aspire. Somehow they have brainwashed us so that we end up thinking that we have to be at the height of the nearby front and have, as a minimum, the same as he. But how we got to this point in which the average United States citizen consumes twice what they consumed fifty years ago? According to Story of Stuff II shortly after the second world war, did not know what to do to make the economy from entering a growth rate. Victor Labow business analyst made the solution that has become the norm that now governs the entire system.

He explained that a so terribly productive economy as ours demands we make consumption a way of life, that we convert the purchase and acquisition of property in a ritual, that consumption will provide pleasure to our ego and our spirit. We need things to be eaten, are used, which become unnecessary and are replaced each time more quickly. And perhaps worst of all is that this disease of the soul is sweeping the country spreading also to other Nations. Never before people felt so empty as now we are taking account of the truth that was that proverb that said money does not bring happiness. While we have everything that we want and more, fourteen million Americans have fallen in the consumption of narcotics and twelve million are heavy drinkers.

Depression, suicide, disease all this lurks about us and about the next generation. And we do not understand why. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the current crisis is the result of the evolution of our desire of receive. What do we mean by this? That by nature, our lives are governed by desires and our attempts to meet them. One of the most important Kabbalistic texts, the book of the Zohar, argues that precisely in our time will emerge in humanity a new spiritual desire and the wisdom of Kabbalah will be the only method capable of meeting it. A method that will allow us to discover a new source of fullness: spiritual world that lies beyond this material world that surrounds us. As we move forward in the study of this ancient teaching, we will being aware not only of the real reasons for the unbridled consumption, but many other problems our in particular and the world in general. We begin to understand that there is a law which operates in each system of nature: the Act of granting. We begin to understand that all this turmoil that we are now facing is the result of our way of acting selfish and against the law. Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah came to understand, to exist in harmony with the nature laws. Questions such as what is the meaning of my life? or do you never I feel fully satisfied?, which have accompanied the man for thousands of years, not again pose a mystery to us.

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