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Communication Or Pathology

COMMUNICATION OR PATHOLOGY? The gaze of Mr Garcia to the universe of the American South. Starts the saying: there is No worst tuerto, that who does not want to see. Believing that the problem of dissatisfaction that the town lacks is just a communication problem; between the State and unsatisfied majorities. The road travelled by the large majorities is to have realized who is at the top of the country’s leadership. He suffers from some mental illness or has an environment that give to know how wrong of reality. Let’s look at the situation of the national teachers that languishes for the wages of hunger that much suffering from tuberculosis and is the sector’s risk of all pandemics besetting mankind today.

But the more ironic is the chain of propaganda that is this investing for supposedly to publicize the benefits of this regime. Budget is already surpassing everything that has education sector this year. With the amount of money they spend to fatten their friends of the companies of telecommunications is had failed to double the money of meager salaries of teachers. But they follow on its heels and not cejaran in continue to spend much more to publicize what you don’t see in reality. When they talk about electrification to rural areas, are not the same peasant communities that have to pay where is that supposedly the State gives them, and then because of their meagre income stay again in the dark, I wonder where this progress? It is not for your friends entrepreneurs who are gaining in spades, sucking up the blood of my native peasant brothers?. Mentions thousands of houses that he built the State and private enterprise; but that doesn’t say that they are overvalued in excess than its true value many times arrives halfway through what this valued, but what we says that the deteriorated middle class has to borrow for up to three times the value that says value such ghosts of houses.

Colombia Presidential Elections

Colombia a country where the sun shines every day, where you can see the clouds in the sky when they go in search of other places where to look. Colombia a country where rain falls and can always wait until it finishes to follow your path; the country of the sacred heart; the country in which you find a smile every day and in every corner, but that violence also makes the rounds in many parts. That country loved by their Colombian, goes to the polls to elect a new President on May 30, to see a horizon more clean, clear and transparent at the end of this Rainbow. You hear proposals, ideas, promises and even complaints between the same candidates; but only the awareness, experience and judgment that gives the knowledge of history and situations, can help many to know by who vote, who choose and who deliver the country’s future a withered by violence, but with many shoots to succeed, to prosper and wish to see a better future in their hands. In Colombia there is material to work, there are people with desires of go ahead, there are trained people to have a better future. In Colombia there are natural riches that make Eastern country a unique place, a place rich in waters, rich in land, rich in minerals, rich in so many things that they must care for and obtain for their own benefit; incalculable wealth, unimaginable riches. For all this the future that is expected in this country should be better, but is only in the hands of each of the voters of every intelligent person who does their right, a duty and an obligation to own for a better future. They are 9 candidates for the Presidency that go in this first round, these are:-Antanas Mockus.

Green Party – Juan Manuel Santos Partido de la U – Noemi Sanin party conservative – German Vargas Lleras party Radical change – Gustavo Petro Polo Democratico – Rafael Pardo Liberal Party – Jaime Araujo Renteria Social Alliance Afrocolombian -Jairo Calderon Liberal opening – Robinson. A. Devia voice of consciousness as Vice Presidential formula van: Sergio Fajardo party green Angelino Garzon party of the U Luis Ernesto Mejia party conservative Elsa Party Noguera change Radical Clara Lopez Polo democratic Anibal Gaviria Liberal Party Ana Maria Cabal Social Alliance Afrocolombian Jobanny Burbano Liberal opening Olga Lucia Taborda The voice of consciousness if there are 30 may by absolute majority winner will be the next President of Colombia; but the first two are going to a second round, to again return to the polls to elect conscience next June 20, the person who thought and is believed will be the best choice for this new path of democracy in Colombia.

North America

Why no shortage of those who claim its elimination: use proper names of each village (Kiche, Quechua, wedge, Sami, etc.) by eliminating the indigenous concept that generalizes and at the same time destroys our identity, i.e., build a world without indigenous peoples and recognize the names of peoples, as proposed in the conclusions of the meeting project villages indigenous of the Organization International Labour, 1996, in the city of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The emergence of indigenous peoples as new political actors in the Latin American scenario, with a very particular dynamic as they had not had it during the centuries of Iberian colonialism suffered, is characterized by a set of dynamics that have no other social movements: 1) the claim by its ((((specific rights as indigenous peoples with their culture and their autonomy, 2) the territorialization of its presence, 3) the development of increasingly complex organizational structures, 4) the national dimension of their demands, 5) the relations that are taking their struggles with nation States where they occur. It could be said that it is an order generalized, from Chiapas to the Patagonia, the claim for the recognition of the right to difference, to recognize and respect their ethno-cultural specificity that is not reduced them to some social categories of the dominant capitalist society, as the peasants. Claims more solid and articulated some indigenous movements have been directed towards the approach of plurinational States. This points to the structural modification of the national States born after formal independence from the Spanish Crown in the early 19th century as large estates managed by native aristocracies without own project of nation as it happened, on the contrary, in the nascent American Union in North America, that from the beginning (by eliminating all indigenous peoples, forgive add), was raised as a real political and economic independence. In Latin America, where in general the indigenous peoples with some exceptions where they were virtually disappeared, as in Argentina and Uruguay continued resisting the conquest in a never-ending bid, these new approaches of plurinationality seek effective representation of them in modern Nations; Nations which gives the paradox which, having majorities of indigenous population that might not be totally assimilated or you doblegas, presented by States traced over liberal European models to ignore and marginalize indigenous peoples, States centered on the capital cities and that took the Spanish as an official language, always looking toward Europe or United States abominando of its Aboriginal composition.

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