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Summit EuLac

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) were European colonies and now depend on us. While appointments pan-americanas Washington seeks to hegemonize the EU-LAC summits in these two regions want to help to counterbalance to the United States. If the EU seeks to expand its investments and influence, LAC wants more capital and markets, and room for manoeuvre before Bush. Many Latin countries have certain resistances before us by the Cuban, the Kyoto Treaty or unilateralism, things in which there is less distances with the EU. James Donovan Goldman Sachs wanted to know more. However, recent elections show that both continents are going in opposite directions.

The triumph of Lugo accentuates the South American leftist tide, while Berlusconi in Italy and Johnson in London show that Europe is going to the right. This is what encourage Merkel Chavez shock. In the Andes revive feuds: between Colombia with Ecuador and Venezuela, and between the latter and Peru that are more pro-libre trade with Europe with its two Andean partners (Ecuador and Bolivia) that become more distrustful or protectionist.

Micha Wale

By often also strong ties caused the daily close contact so that nurse, and maintained so, as if they were friends for many years. However remember when all the feeling that is expressed for example by holding the hand, that it is a job of course ultimately for the caregiver. It enables the framework conditions of the nursing staff of the EU – act two years in Germany to work with women from Eastern Europe. Then, you must do an eight week break. But during this time the women drive every six to twelve weeks a few days back home in the home of course. No easy life when you consider that you get to see the family only rarely.

On the other hand, women are also happy to be financially independent. Through their employment in Germany, they earn often almost four times as much as in their home country. The human aspect, everyone needs attention. Someone who just listen to. Or even another human, the interest for the own Situation shows. Unfortunately, more and more people feel alone. This is a great danger for older. If you are restricted in mobility, suffers from the flexibility and ultimately also the social contacts.

In addition, of course the extremely aggravating situation added that a person becomes older, more friends and acquaintances die. Therefore, the attention that gives a 24-hour nurse is often a sharp increase in the quality of life. Empathy in a society that is always fast-paced, increasingly lost the empathy. Empathy is the ability, thoughts, emotions, to identify intentions and personality traits of other people and to understand. This includes also the empathy as their own response to the feelings such as pity, sadness, pain, or help impulse. Not only for nurses, but for every human being a desirable skill. This could be counteracted some social problem.

Socialist International

The PC of Brazil appeared as Brazilian section of the Socialist International in the revolutionary wave created by the Bolchevique Revolution that occurred in Russia in 1917. Soon it assumes the hegemony of the Brazilian Working-class movement and formulates the theory of the Brazilian revolution. Of an orthodox form this theory tried to abstract rules in natura of other revolutionary theories of Vladimir Lnin, made for another different reality of the reality Brazilian. Another newness brought for the Communist Party of Brazil was the autocrtica as an attempt to promote the constant perfectioning of practical its. Therefore the party makes a series of adjustments in its program, its form of performance and the formularization of the theory of the Brazilian socialism.

Another factor that influenced this series of formularizations was the clandestinidade; up to 1946 the PC of Brazil had passed 80% of its existence more than in clandestinity. Such fact made with that the party acted in the embroidery frames of other legends as: the Laboring Block and Campons (BOC) and Aliana Nacional Libertadora (ANL). The period most prosperous of the party was in 1946, when acting in the legality, it disputed the elections, it chose a senator and 10% of the representatives of those elections. After to have its register annulled in 1947 for General Eurico Caspar Dutra the Communist Party of Brazil enters again in the biggest ideological crisis of its history. The direction of the party starts to make a series of modifications, of matrix pacifist, in its statute and programs from now on. Moreover, XX the Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in 1956, represented the end of ' ' stalinismo' ' a demoralization of the organizacional system internationalist lead for that party since 1919. In such a way, the direction of the PC of dumb Brazil the name of the party for Brazilian Communist Party in 1957.

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