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Bank Insurance

Own experiences show that even the knowledge of high-school graduates in Germany about the main hedging and investment opportunities to zero tends to St. Gallen, 10.09.2013. It is believed the well-known speakers, trainer and success coach Bernd W. Klockner (www.berndwkloeckner.com/ home /), a variety of students in Germany is not even able to calculate a simple rule of three. Klockner must know that his computer training have undergone hundreds of thousands of people not only in this country and practiced in particular dealing with the popular computer”. “Own experience has shown that self knowledge of high-school graduates in Germany about the main hedging and investment opportunities to zero tends, many don’t know what is a contractor or a life insurance policy and once with the question of advancing what could be because probably the difference between a risk life insurance and a capital life insurance, in surprised faces looking”, so Michael Oehme, consultant at the CapitalPR AG and designated Financial expert. Additional information is available at Connecticut Senator. A recent study of the direct bank ING Diba fits perfectly to this assessment.

More than half of the respondents is, to have no financial education. A sad image, because after that Germany leads the ranking of the illiterate in financial issues in Europe. Only in Spain, as many citizens admit to have no financial education. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachss opinions are not widely known. The study shows a very interesting aspect: because, after all, 78 percent of Germans claim that financial education is also in order for the schools. Only 18 percent claim to have gotten them there (link: pm/59133/2536715/ing-Karan study 2013 German with minimum financial education in Europe). Check you closely, so dealing with money is not an issue not only in the school, this also applies to the most courses”, explains Michael Oehme. Against the background that now more and more university graduates in the freelancing aspire, this was a real failure.

But even otherwise, it would be desirable that the citizens circumstances in Germany at least on par with its advisers at the Bank or with free investment advisors. Money lessons in the school, in the University and why not in the workplace. An important step against financial illiteracy in Germany.

Andreas Beermann Project

Pierau implements planning sophisticated logistics concept for Trixie Hamburg, November 2013 – market leader supplying TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & co. KG today approx. 7,000 clients around the world regularly with some 6,500 articles for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and reptiles. More than 300 employees in permanent employment and over 70 temporary staff working in the company. For the well known wholesalers the Hamburger Pierau logistics experts developed a modernisation concept now, to expand the existing capacities in the camp. The biggest challenge in this project was that all extensions of the camp, as well as the optimization of processes had to be implemented in the ongoing operation”, reported the head of the project, Dipl.-ing.

Andreas Beermann. Meanwhile, the modernization has been completed successfully and the new stock shuttle and ski lifts are in full swing. Perfect planning: right track for the smooth changeover following the detailed analysis of the relevant processes on the part of Pierau specialists, conceived it appropriate measures to increase the capacity and to make the entire process more efficient. The actual optimization measures could begin after the executives at Trixie had matched the designed concepts in close cooperation with Pierau in detail, after tender of the individual tasks. And it happened in high season. That at the same time the capacity, for example for the picking, were already scarce, was the project stakeholders by Pierau and Trixie before a demanding task. So the processes in the warehouse had to be restructured to build for example rack systems, without compromising in the packaging operations and shipping”, Andreas Beermann explained the specific requirements of the project.

The measures included installing a shuttle system with approximately 19,000 warehouses as well as the direct connection of different work areas through the use of conveyors. Thus was a completely paperless Picking allows, which is by far easier to design the various logistical processes in the camp of Trixie. Cooperation which bears fruit Trixie is now even better equipped to modernise to meet the requirements in the wholesale trade. The increased productivity and higher efficiency are only two positive aspects, but for example also the ergonomics of workplaces was improved. At acceptance of the project we have found pleased that all wishes and ideas have been implemented in constructive cooperation. The optimization was a resounding success, “as Jan Petersen, head of warehouse logistics with Trixie. About Pierau planning Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH is among the leading planning offices for logistics and organization in Europe. Over five decades, the 1961 founded Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH has made a name in the field of planning of logistics solutions. Until now, the planners have over 1,000 projects in Europe and the Russian Federation realized. In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, the company as well as in Moscow and with a subsidiary in London is represented. Further information: Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH Nicole Morganti, Anika Halim Grotenbleken 33 D-22391 Hamburg Tel.: 606 899-12 fax: 606 899-1 supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. >. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.

CashRun CashRun

CashRun new E-banking software integrates into its global online payment service CashPay. ST GALLEN, Switzerland, February 17, 2011 CashRun, a leading provider of safe – and payment solutions in E-Commerce, integrated a new E-banking software in its global online payment service CashPay. Internet dealer by the current enlargement immediately automatic updates on incoming bank wires of its customers. The new software provides cross-Bank hourly status updates for incoming transfers. This accelerates the data transfer significantly when compared to the traditional, daily reconciling via online banking. As a result, can be released order faster and shorten delivery times what can create long-term satisfied customers and revenue growth.

“The delivery of the related transfer of reporting data” complies with international trade and payment regulations such as, for example, SWIFT. CashRuns dense network of popular payment gateways and banks supported Internet retailers to attract more buyers. In addition, online shops with CashPay received a one-stop solution, which brings together local and global payment options in an online account and processed. The consolidation of different payment methods in an interface enables traders to the efficient and uncomplicated management of their payment processing. With the given function extension proves CashPay again his ability to adapt to current market needs and supports the continuously growing number of national and international payment systems.

About CashRun CashRun was founded in 2007 with the aim to provide global payment and fraud prevention solutions to Internet merchants. In addition to the headquarters in the Switzerland, CashRun has international offices in Germany, United States, Singapore and China. Through the continuous development of their solutions, a strong global presence and a dense network of partners, CashRun achieved impressive successes in fraud-endangered industries and supports dealers, to minimize risks of payment fraud, as well as to accelerate revenue growth.

Group Executive Board

An increase in turnover of approximately 8% is expected in particular in China. Reasons for this are a new development center of the Chinese ebm-papst branch. With its state of the art application laboratory, optimal solutions can be found for the customers to improve their products and make world more marketable. In addition, it can be seen that China invests in environmentally friendly infrastructure (rail, wind turbines etc.). ebm-papst can meet the demand for environmentally friendly products with his fans and thus participate in the growth. Another clue for rising sales: China eases monetary policy with the consequence will facilitate lending and thus the private investment opportunities.

Also on the American continent, the fan specialist sees potential for its energy-saving technology and anticipates sales growth of 8.4%. The sales Outlook for Europe (incl. Germany) sees the world market leader with 2% behavior. “We must create our own economy in the region and can expect no tail wind economically seen,” so dog villages. The research and development activities is at a high level operate ebm-papst continue to around 78 million and expand its technology and market leadership. The development will focus continue to in the area of resource conservation and energy efficiency, the research priorities in the field of aerodynamics. The ebm-papst group plans to invest in the current fiscal year worldwide 104 million (+ 13%).

Including the logistics chain will be expanded, in September the Logistics Center in Landshut opened and analyzed a possible expansion of site Hollenbach. The ebm-papst group is fit for further profitable growth: “in addition to the expansion of global presence through distribution and production up to the” A consistent further development of the company to the lean enterprise focus is research and development in the regions of growth. Thus we are strengthening our competitiveness as a technology leader and us secure the independence as a family business”, so Rainer dog villages, Chairman of the Group Executive Board. Link: Numbers at a glance

WINAICO Introduces A New Series Of Module For Projects

WST series allows customers greater flexibility of project Creglingen, 18.09.2013 – the photovoltaic modules of the new WINAICO-WST series has developed especially for projects of photovoltaic module manufacturers win win precision technology co., Ltd. from Taiwan. As you could see in the media in recent weeks the European Commission and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce on a compromise agreed in the trade dispute over Chinese solar modules. Specifically, the solution looks like that Chinese producers commit to import their modules at a minimum price. In this course, WINAICO has now introduced his alternative product for commercial and major projects. “WST series modules have been used in the past only for selected projects. Now we respond to the current market situation and enable all customers to absolute competitiveness in price-competitive projects,”explains Marc Ortmanns, head of European Sales & marketing at WINAICO, the inclusion of the modules in the portfolio. The WST series is in the Watts classes 245 / 250 available.

Unlike in the standard series of WSP, the modules have a product warranty of 10 years. In addition, adjustments to the framework were single-walled – 35 mm, and the junction box. “Like all our module series comes the WST series from our own production in Taiwan. Accordingly customers can rely on the high quality”, so Marc of Obodo. The minimum order quantity is 6 pallets or 40.5 kWp.

The modules now available. For more information about prices and availability can be obtained directly via WINAICO. WINAICO manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, WINAICO as a system House for photovoltaic delivers complete PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners. Benefiting in Taiwan of above-average product quality installers, Products manufactured to the highest quality standards as well as the comprehensive consulting, planning, and services provided by WINAICO. A generous storage ensures the rapid availability of the WINAICO products. Press contact: WINAICO Germany GmbH Marketing Europe: Katharina link Tel.: + 49 7933 700 30-16 fax: + 49 7933 700 30-22 E-mail:

Euro Grundinvest: Housing Shortage In Munich

It was a field day for the Munchner Abendzeitung: offer room in a shared flat. Munich, 30.05.2013 – only condition: sex. So anyway, found an advertisement on an Internet portal that quickly deleted the entry. The colleagues of the evening newspaper found out that it is a fake, with a young student to the serious housing shortage in the city wanted to draw attention. She must cover 100 kilometres daily to Munich, because she find no affordable housing. At an average of approximately 12 rents currently, they include euro square metres to the highest in Germany. This information is however: new leases are currently significantly higher possible, flats in popular locations actually always far beyond.

Not for nothing was given the epithet lex Munich”hence the new tenancy law of last year. So it is not surprising that prefers the German “Studentenwerk” before a housing shortage next winter semester in the major cities and Warns metropolitan areas. The umbrella organization of 58 student unions calls for a special programme, with the 25,000 additional hostel places will be created. And the tenants Association estimates that Germany is missing more than 100,000 apartments in the ten cities with the strongest housing shortage 31,000 of them alone in Munich. With a vacancy of 0.6 percent Munich leads in the statistics. Housing experts consider a vacancy of three percent necessary to ensure a continuous supply of ever. But hardly a German metropolis has the at least, when one speaks of affordable housing.

However, there are also other voices, which deal with the topic. The Empirica Research Institute and the real estate service provider CBRE examine developments in the area of apartments in Germany for years. You can indeed show continuously decreases in the number of vacant apartments, one can in this country speak only of housing shortages in about 20 cities. The specialists at Immobiiienscout24 want it made, that even in Munich with a few exceptions rents not more so quickly as before and when new leases in the central area as a whole reached a price limit. It looks like even Jurgen Michael Schick as Vice President of IVD Brokers Association. He is of the opinion that largely catch-up effects – occurred on rents given very moderate price increases in the last few years. For the specialists of the Munich euro Grundinvest such developments are completely normal, because like all markets the real estate market would be subject to cycles. Differently than in other cities the price level in particular for land had never sustained waned however in Munich in recent decades. For many investors a reason to invest here. Because it is has made euro Grundinvest mission to create liveable and yet affordable housing, you looked up in his action confirmed – after all, it is in the real estate business since 1987 and since there have been whatever stages, where the demand significantly lower had fallen out for new homes than currently. For the Munich of real estate professionals is clear: the current housing shortage desire more new investments. For more information,

Strategy Implementation

Jeffrey K. Liker is among other things ‘special guest’ at the strategy implementation seminars by Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch. A wide-ranging cooperation has agreed with the U.S. lean management expert Jeffrey K. Liker and its activities the Munich strategy implementation consultant Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch. In the future, Kudernatsch consulting & solution, with the consulting firm of liker lean advisors, Ann Arbor (United States), strategy implementation projects in company advisory service your Management Institute will accompany and support as a priority in the European area. “In addition Dr. Kudernatsch operates henceforth as senior coach for the Lamont Leadership Institute, which among other things all over the world a online course lean leadership” offers. “” Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch designed with the author among others of the books of the Toyota way to continuous improvement “and the Toyota way to lean leadership” seminars on strategy implementation issues. Also Lamont is the premium seminars Kudernatsch consulting & solutions for issues such as lean leadership”, Hoshin Kanri (relationship wise policy deployment”, Kata coaching” and A3-report”” so to speak as special guest “function.) In other words, Jeffrey K. Liker is added via video conference to the seminars, so that participants can interact with the lean experts among other things about his experience with strategy implementation projects in companies. Close contact between Jeffrey K. Liker and Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch developed in connection with the new book of the Munich Advisor Hoshin Kanri company size strategy implementation with lean management tools”, wrote the foreword for the liker. In this context the two strategy implementation experts exchanged intensive leadership-online course about their experiences with strategy implementation projects as well as the concept of lean developed by liker. So the decision to cooperate in the future also matured in several personal meetings gradually. For more information about the work of Kudernatsch consulting & solutions interested on the Web page

Filling Station

New bott as an interface between the mounting vehicle, storage and operating system cabinets. Service cases and carrying boxes of different size and design are an integral part of any vehicle interior. Through them, Assembly or fixings, as well as tool on the site become efficient hand luggage, provided they are complete. With new variants of cubio system cabinets organized bott reliable after filling of the small suitcase of of part of and ensures full availability on the Assembly, because nothing is more harmful for the yield, as unnecessary procurement trips. So, service completed, cases of logistics are prepared and clearly deposited behind locked doors. Service technicians regularly replace incomplete case against complete with a handle.

With this principle, increase the quality of the service the customer the new filling stations and reduce the service life of vehicles in operation. The new system cabinets by bott make use of, stocked mostly with A articles Ranges in the operation possible. Stored on tracks the case of varioSafe, varioSort and varioSlide may be clearly stored and easily removed. Missing modules stand out immediately. Press contact Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 of Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group develops and produces at three European sites, vehicle, equipment and workplace systems.

Bott supplies customers in industry and trade worldwide, with its products. Her efficient work in manufacturing, service and installation is the focus. The headquarters of the group is located at the start-up and production site in Gaildorf (Germany). Furthermore, manufactured products in booth (UK) and Tarnazsadany (Hungary). With other distribution companies in France, Austria, Denmark and Italy, as well as with license partners and importers all over the world, bott offers a comprehensive Service network and individually goes on local needs one – from planning to installation.

Royal Dutch Van Son

Through its high share in the packaging printing, he benefited from the generally growing packaging market and replaces previously used printing methods in other application areas. Developments in the direction of environmental reason to substitute printing, is, for example, the better environmental performance in a new process. Harmful chemicals are necessary in the production of printing plates or must use solvent-based inks which have a high VOC emissions, consumers and legislators increasingly demand the use of alternative methods. Further be developed in both the different printing methods, such as, for example, offset, engraving, flexo or silkscreen, as well the used inks. Progress can be observed for instance in the areas of radiation curable colors or mixes with natural resins. Printing inks are new applications electronic pressure customized products must meet specific printing technologies and applications.

A wide variety of printable media and applications of finished products require much flexibility. To be added new areas of application in which printing technology can establish itself. The electronics pressure to name a few, the complete electronic components using conductive inks are made news here. These components are often used in RFID chips, displays and solar cells. The study in the near future: Chapter 1 provides a presentation and analysis of the global market for printing inks including forecasts until 2019: for each region explains the development of sales and production and consumption.

In Chapter 2 that are considered most important 16 countries individually for the printing inks market: be represented Excise, sales, production and import and export. The demand is analyzed, and detail for the procedures of offset printing, engraving printing (rotogravure), flexo printing, digital printing and other printing processes. Chapter 3: Here the processing procedures are investigated as well as influences by various applications based printing inks. The data for the development of consumption is considered East and Africa for the regions of Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, middle. Chapter 4 provides company profiles of the most important producers of printing inks, clearly arranged according to contact information, sales, profit, product range, production facilities and short profile. Detailed profiles are supplied by 87 manufacturers, ALTANA, Dainichiseika, DIC, Flint Group, Fujifilm North America, Huber, Royal Dutch Van Son, Sakata inx, Sanchez, Sicpa, Siegwerk inks, T & K TOKA, Tokyo printing ink or TOYO INK. de/market research/industry/printing inks world / about Ceresana Ceresana is a leading international market research and consulting firm for the industry with branches in Konstanz, Vienna and Hong Kong. For over 10 years, the company supplies several 1,000 satisfied customers in 55 countries with up-to-date market knowledge. Comprehensive understanding of the market creates new prospects for strategic and operational decisions. Ceresanas clients benefit from implementation-oriented advice, customized order and already more than 40 multi-client market studies. The analysts of Ceresana are specialized in the following markets: chemicals, plastics, additives, raw materials, industrial goods, consumer goods, packaging and building materials. Learn more about Ceresana under Ceresana Technology Center Blarerstr. 56 78462 Konstanz Germany Tel.: + 49 7531 94293 12 fax: + 49 7531 94293 27 press contact: Sandra Schulze, b.a.,

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