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Brazilian Work

Generally its deliveries are in risk areas since its workstation is in a community encircled for others, thus it fulfill to its work making deliveries in dangerous places. Without knowing when it will start a new confrontation it enters polices x I traffic, after one day exhausting of deliveries and tasks it leaves its work for return of 17h retaking walked its until its residence, where he arrives first takes its Trilax remedy (takes it every day, without medical lapsing to alliviate its pains in the body and of head) takes its bath, he has supper and he looks for to go to sleep or to rest fastest possible to be able to be rested for plus one day of work. Quality of life Quality of life is a marcadamente multidimensional concept and that it depends on internal factors, as the perception, and external, as the environment, and in the world of the work, she is on to the motivation for the work and greater productivity. Although the importance of the subject still exists a great gap of knowledge, mainly in if treating to quality of life of the worker. Although this, studies disclose that right wages, security in the work, social relevance, flexibility, amongst others, are determinative factors for the quality of life of the worker. However the Brazilian legislation still is limited on the subject focusing norms of security and attendance to the health, not taking care of to the abrangncia, the multidimensionalidade and the social relevance of the subject. The young which we portray previously tells that due to its incubencies in its routine of work, it cannot usufruct of routine cares with its health, and since this works exerting three functions as it was displayed previously, it at least must have sporadical medical consultations and medical examinations to evaluate pains that feel in its body proceeding from the force consumed to its work. .

Soledad Benza Llatas Pflucker

In mid-September of 2008, Soledad Llatas agonized in the midst of the hematemesis, melena, and ascites, came already dying from months ago, Manuel Benza Pflucker, social wrestler Irredento and their children, were reluctant to lose it, but reality is very fierce next to the illusion and desires. It had remained in a Coma several days, charitable came out of it only for a few hours, only to say goodbye to their loved ones, because the complexion sallow and austere terminal liver disease, danced with frenzy around the family agony continued!, but family repeated aloud to Gabriel Marcel you not Moriras ever!, hope is the last thing that is lost, when there is no more hope the team of transplant in the Hospital Guillermo Almenara impotent and with their hands tied, only waiting for a donor, just waiting for a miracle, so human crying, he was more human in adolescent eyes of their children, francisco Quevedo verses became to hear ye, go ye out without mourning, tears running!, and as those tears are of water will go to the sea, but the pain of the soul, the pain of losing his wife and mother where does it go?, said, recalling Becquer.

That night, they called to Carlos magnet walls, another friend who had life in a thread also called to doctor Miguel Palacios Celi, that Liver Cancer took him is the grave that night, in the beacon Hospital, the night was more sad than usual for these three families, the fear was going through all the outfits that were above, they were hence called by the Unidad de trasplante had a liver donor!, lit the lights of hope, so much time off, faith reverdecia, the heart beats were frenetic, bodies trembled, pores were opened, skin sweating, souls praying Manuel sobbed hugged their children, the minutes and the hours were devoured that cold morning that exhaled droplets of hope, droplets of illusions the liver of the donor us looked saddened, I wanted to split into three pieces, but the noble organ only loneliness return life to a patient he had returned from hepatic Coma, the massive hematemesis had it cornered several days, in his bed, was surrounded by Manuel and his young sons, had left their documents in rule perhaps thought of surrenderMaybe I thought of dying in these circumstances the value and courage, they don’t give to much, even in this fierce woman, who from a young age knew and savoured the vagaries of politics, persecution, repression, the invective, exile, especially when he is assumed a position of defence of morality, social justice and equality, when practiced with the examplewith loyalty to his Manuel, assuming risks and costs confronting the corrupt, the Mafiosi, even in her already value is extinguishing and agonized.

The Price

Replacement cost – current cost of producing the same-object property, equivalent to the utility valued. Distinguish .. value of the property complex continuing function and resale value. The cost of the property complex, which continues functioning Rowan – the cost of such an object of sale, which, after Sauveur-sheniya transactions will continue to operate and to generate income. The residual value is the price at which the owner must agree on the sale of assets in term of less than reasonably acceptable to the market.

Depending. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view. assessment of the situation and distinguish several kinds of value: the investment, a use, insurance, heat recovery. Investment cost-value of the property complex, if viewed as an investment contribution to the implementation of any investment project. The use-value. It reflects the value or importance of the object for a specific property owner who may not have the intent to expose his open market.

Cost in use is defined as the value of economic goods to its owner-customers and is based on the efficiency of its use in the form of income, utility, comfort). Insurance value – market value object defined for insurance purposes and reflected in the insurance contract. Scrappage value-cost recyclable materials-GOVERNMENTAL assets reached. Limiting condition due to wear and tear or complete Extraordinary events have lost their original usefulness. 2.2 Principles of valuation can be divided into three groups of evaluation principles: 1. based on the concepts of ownership, 2. associated with the operation of property 3. due to the influence of market environment.

The President

ARTICLE 213. In case of serious disturbance of the order public who attempts of imminent way against the institutional stability, the security of the State, or the citizen coexistence, and that cannot be sworn in by means of the use of the ordinary attributions of the authorities of Police, the President of the Republic, with the company/signature of all the ministers, will be able to declare the State of Inner Commotion, in all the Republic or leaves from her, by nongreater term of ninety days, deferrable until by two equal periods, the second of which requires previous and favorable concept of the Senate of the Republic. By means of such declaration, the Government will have the faculties strictly necessary to swear in the causes of the disturbance and to prevent the extension of his effects. Credit: Ohio Senator-2011. The legislative decrees that the Government dictates will be able to suspend the incompatible laws with the State of Commotion and will stop prevailing as soon as it is declared restored the public order. The Government will be able to prorogue his use until by ninety days more. Within the three days following to the declaration or prorogation of State of Commotion, the Congress will meet by own right, with the fullness of its constitutional and legal attributions. Connecticut Senator is open to suggestions. The President will immediately pass a motivated report to him over the reasons that determined the declaration. In no case the civilians could be investigated or be judged by military penal justice. ARTICLE 214. Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. The States of emergency, emergency situation to that the previous articles talk about will put under the following dispositions: The legislative decrees will take the company/signature of the President of the Republic and all ministers and will only be able to talk about to matters that have direct relation and specific with the situation that will have determined the declaration of the State of emergency, emergency situation.

Colombian Citizens

That they are human beings with the same capacities and dispositions that all the other Colombian citizens. Force of article 23: we demanded to our nation like Colombians and children of the same mother country and owners to him of the constitution that engrandece to the same. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. That article 7 is not a ridicule for the companies that have taken the place from sovereign to decide who gain the bread and who starve. Since there is as no atrocious thing as to deny to the young people the development to him of his labor and social capacities. ARTICLE 4.

The Constitution is norm of norms. In any case of mutual incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or another legal norm, the constitutional dispositions will be applied. Reflection for the governors: if the Constitution is norm of norms. Because there is a norm superior to her? In this case the internal procedures of each company. Which discriminates against the young people of long hair. And soon it says: In any case of mutual incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or another legal norm, the constitutional dispositions will be applied. ntese sovereign gentleman or state that the mutual incompatibility is evident, because the constitution says to a thing and they another one.

And you whom but to be able she has are the one of them we can observe that the legal reasons as it is the case of the companies or companies in all the Colombian territory. They govern the life and the form to be of natural reasons that is to say: the life of all the Colombian citizens. That one does not say of you governing gentlemen, who in Colombia the individual rights of a few prevailed over the collective rights of a whole society of young people. That one does not say that Colombian justice never included/understood that the true science of the legislation it tends to the truth and not to the lie of the imaginary ones of the companies that toil in our territory. Because if they toil in our territory they must subject to our constitution and if not that pays millionaire sanctions by this class of attacks against our citizens. On the other hand when the young people of long hair are received in any company they will have to carry suitably the formal suits and to dress in decency. Without forgetting that the long hair must go gathered. One you see outside the companies are free of being what they wish to be. His labor being does not have to do its personal being.

Christianity Religion Church

CHRISTIANITY, RELIGION, CHURCH AND SHEPHERD. I do not believe more I decided elaborates a list of the simple things, but that I have learned in this small passage of the way, living the faith in Christ. To the times I feel myself tired, already enojado of saying to these same subjects; church, religion and evanglico world. Blog is enough to confer some articles in mine. But I know that this is party to suit of matureness in my life, and also know that it was thus with the majority of that they had passed for what I am passing. Some had decidedly retroceded, or nor had simply left sing it, had continued in the mesmice. Others had been become free judge of it religious and if they had delighted in the wonderful favour of God.

I am of what they had not retroceded, therefore I have liked this part it passage in the way. I never more intend to come back I judge to it of the religion. In it finishes colloquy that I had with a evanglico friend, can sees a mind opened, ready to be free. However I remember its phrase: ' ' of the one not to disentail itself of instituio' '. How penalty! What I can say it is that I never more would come back.

I made one asks audacious: ' ' what I have that to make to be Christian? ' ' Its reply it was, that I would have that to obey the Christ and to make the will of God. I talked back again: ' ' but for this I do not have that to be protestant, evanglico, catholic? ' ' He hears one I silence. I was bold when saying that if possible it would make everything I oppose what would make to be a Christian. It is clearly that I radicalized.

NGOs Control

Then nation-States organised in various groups and with enough power to control the primary global monetary instruments. Read more from Amazon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Then the so-called emerging countries, among which the so-called BRIC. Countries without power of decision or influence in the context of the new game. Transnational capitalist corporations. The NGOs that influence of all kinds, from cultural to distribution of food or health care. In short, a whole range of participants in the interregnum of the old international concept towards the new overall concept. We are immersed in a communication network in which relations are set of all sides toward all sides. In a paradox, however: is open and closed.

We are all immersed in it, but there are actors who control it. The old concept of vertical power seems topsy-turvy by a horizontal conception of it. While fall the old institutions of control (school, family, work, etc.) while another that corresponds to what we have called the production of subjectivity with new modes and by multiple actors is born. Geopolitics, geoeconomics, ecopolitica, the world is not now as it was, could initiate Perogrullo, ensuring that Europe is not the dominant center of the world. Nor is the United States.

Eurocentrism or euroamericanismo, countries of Center and periphery, location of various worlds, everything to the basket of the past. This is a hybrid world where the transmission of knowledge is no longer where the power centers are diluted and monopoly of nobody. The geopolitics of competition between the great powers, or aspiring to be, on its claims of controlling territories or occupy key geographical positions, no longer exists. He came to transform into ideology and geared the thinking of leaders. We saw him until the end of World War II. The cold war transfer the confrontation to another plane, a confrontation also ideological, but very different, although the Comptroller geopolitical element was present yet, because we had to control energy sources.


Foucault declared that the concept of man was a purely Kantian idea. Your questions: what can I know?, what should I do?, do I have to wait?, were very complex and the business of finding answers, Homeric. The maximum suction on your strategy, find your particular algorithm, led Kant to the path of knowledge, and Hegel subsequently and in the words of Carl Smith, was in charge of content fill the Kantian formality aspiring to the reason. Connecticut Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After them any thinker has been able to devise any philosophical system. Perhaps Kant, while Hume had awakened him dogmatic dream, was left on the road more simple questions. Why we absurd attitudes to the useful prioritized in our lives? Why are we respond through mechanisms of learned behaviors that have always led us to failure? Obviously Kant would defend is arguing that human behavior is so unpredictable that better away from debates air, and that was not to his liking let the professionals of psychology and behavior with the homework done. Paulo Coelho brings even more insight to the discussion. Why a morning of relaxation, we clean house and dust before that get laid worshipping? Why we spend life without declaring our attraction to that person that we have in our mind? We why not learn never to say NO? why are we opted for a University discipline which is not to our liking? Why continue calling colleague at work who we know that we are betraying and doing the puneta when not harassing? Why we keep voting the same political formation which has disappointed us when it comes to power so many times? Why continue with on television and doing zapping when bored us programming, rather than turn it off? The list can be endless, as endless also would be the exceptions of attitudes that fill us with vitality and Joie de vivre. However, what is significant is delve into a fact: the human being as said Freud is an orthopedic being who has to lean on the crutches of behaviours, prejudices and idelogia acquired when it comes to live. .

Albert Einstein

The distortion of the meaning of scientific theories is very common in the current days. People without or little agreement eou theoretical luggage for the entedimento of them divulge the disinformation scientific. In many cases, one is about some opportunist who tries, all the cost, to corroborate some fake idea to induce masses or, simply, to vender books, however, most of the time, is only about ignorance. An excellent example of this is the attempt to apply the theory of the evolution to the society with the objective to make with that the people think that races evolved exist more, therefore, these have the right to impose this evolutiva superiority to its, presumptions, inferiors. Although me the interpretation of the darwianismo to have had bigger consequncias, a scientist who suffered (and she suffers) with the erroneous agreement of its theories is the German physicist Albert Einstein. Today, Einstein is, practically, synonymous of genius or man of science, however, to its theories, is atribuidas some ideas that do not correspond to the reality. The example most classic of this is false idea that people laypeople have of relativity. These people tend to believe, in function of the name, that this theory deals with the total variability of the phenomena of the world to its redor, translating this in a simple phrase that until a child would understand: ' ' Everything is relativo' '.

This interpretation could not be more maken a mistake. The sprouting of relativity started in the attempt of the scientist to make over again the pricpio of the relativity of Galileu being applied it the electromagnetism. One of the postulates of this considered the invarincia of the laws of the physics in any inertial referencial. When introducing in its work ideas and results of Lorentz, Michelson and Morley, Einstein it had its famous theory. In the end of 1910 Einstein it worked in a generalization of this theory, through general relativity, so that this could be applied, also, the sped up referenciais what it finished culminating in important formules as equivalence between mass and energy. Amazon is open to suggestions. As it can be observed, this theory does not deal with the relativity of the laws of the physics, but, exactly of the opposite, the invarincia of them. To call its work ' ' theory of relatividade' ' perhaps, it has been a great error of Einstein. If it had given another heading, less suggestive, beyond preventing that writers of books of auto-aid, opportunists, read the heading and took off a conclusion precipitated and incoherent, would prevent that uninformed people, also influenced for the heading, arrived at the same conclusion of these writers. A better heading would be theory of the invariability. She would not generate ibope very, however people would not risk a frivolous interpretation e, consequentemente, would not be possible to cause a scientific disinformation in mass, as the one that occurs in this specific case. It is this that, in fact, happens, when trying to simplify a theory scientific whose real agreement demands years of preparation in disciplines as electromagnetism and algebra of tensors, something that the laypeople had never heard or, probably, they will hear to speak, in only one humble phrase: ' ' Everything is relativo' '.

Frederic Mitterrand

But there are other hypotheses. Consists of the successes of Spanish sport since 1992 hither have come from the hand of our economic development. And that now, with a harder and more durable than that of other countries, crisis will begin the negative streak. Everything can be, since, if there is no money for the payment of mortgages, for the investment of the companies, for the summer holidays, for municipal budgets, are why you have for the sport? It is still too early to tell. The different sporting results the response give us in about a year. The art of political revenge say that, little by little, the Government of Patxi Lopez is changing in the Basque country directors, College. What could there be explained by the previous nationalist exacerbation happens also in Nunez Feijoo’s Galicia, of very different political components.

It’s the art of partisan revenge affecting in this country, after alternating agreed by Canovas and Sagasta in the 19th century, until the ushers in the ministries. The same thing happened in the turbulent Italy of three decades ago, with cabinets of very laborious birth and which then lasted just a few weeks. For this reason, the lucid journalist Indro Montanelli ironic with that country was only stable when he was without a Government. Instead, in France or Britain, with highly consolidated States, already can produce an electoral revolcon that the country will remain the same. In France, thanks to stable public administration output of ENA, and in the United Kingdom thanks to the civil servants, civil servants who reach the highest levels. Something like that would be desirable among us, where the arrival of tripartite catalan power left in the street thousands of Jordi Pujol plugged to make room for new proteges. I do not aspire to happen here as with Sarkozy, which uses prominent Socialists like Kouchner, Rocard, Strauss-Kahn and even Frederic Mitterrand. But of that to our usual political beheadings there is an abyss. Original author and source of the article.

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