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Golden Mountain

Although conscientious of the veracity of the words of the father, Alberto did not leave to feel fort emotion with the paternal support. Teletransportou it infancy not very longnqua, looked at the father lovingly and said: _ Obliged, papa! To its they make me very words well. I was needing an injection of this type, doctor! He joked, to break the tension of the moment, little if mattering with the presence of the engineer, what he found until opportune. Thus it would perceive the existing friendship between father and son and only would think two times before wanting to doubt its word. He used to advantage the chance to leave and he said, like farewell: _ Please, Dr. Charles, would like it thought that you about what I also asked and to change to some words with Mr. the respect, and who knows will not arrive at a common denominator and discovers the cause of as many murders in Itajub! _ Where? _ Desculpe! It was divagando, and I must have said something _ Was not something! I very heard well Itajub that wants to say YELLOW ROCK, in the TupyGuarany language! Where he learned this? _ Ah! He must have been some of the indians who taught to me! I do not know _ Here it is something that interests really me! Why an indian would teach this term to it without one meant special? I can know this indian? To speak with it? _ Vou to try to remember who was. I do not understand it wants what you to say! _ I can know the least if this was the cause of the question that was made today, to if relating the deposit in Golden Mountain range? _ My inquiries are as a bedspread of remnants that I intend to sew very soon.


Golds are a stick of the arcana, that complement the other three minor, – bastos, cups and swords- and relate, online general wealth, both material and spiritual. Gold series starts, obviously, with the ACE of gold coins. This letter is more than auspicious, above all when it leaves exposed in the tarot of love Chuck. Wealth will come to life who makes the query, especially if the letter goes right. The ACE of gold coins represents projects that are initiated on fertile soil, roads that start to finish in the best way. If your query is about that person that we just know, few letters can be more auspicious.

Dos de oros is a letter that announces changes. But within this change there is an unstable equilibrium, such is the image that is displayed for the juggler juggling with two dishes. This letter is a wake up call for those who play both ends, i.e. having two lovers, or two people who are interested in them. Therefore, when this mystery is revealed, it is a warning that we must solve this volatile situation as soon as possible.

It is impossible to predict until when the juggler will continue with your game without that dishes from falling out. The three golds might think that it is diametrically opposed to the previous letter. It is the image of who receives a fair payment for their work, as a reward for their hard work and perseverance. If that person is interested in the consultant is difficult to conquer, this letter may suggest to persevere in their efforts, because victory is a closer than you think. The letter shows the delicate balance between the artist, whose art has no owner, and fair payment for what worked. So love too, because it has no owner. The cuatro de oros is a letter that shows to the miser, who has achieved a certain spiritual and material happiness but is unable to share it. It is a letter which has two facets, one positive and one negative. What is positive is that it arrived in life where wanted economic and emotional tranquility. The negative is that the consultant can not share this with anyone. It is revealed in the tarot of love, a call of attention to open our hearts and perhaps let people that surround us to enjoy in the same way as us.


What is more, the EQF adopts this measure despite the fact that several institutions through notes and in congresses, seminars and forums, asked for no reduction or exclusion but strengthening and the ranking of the Guarani language; by assigning to the Guarani more hours of classes at three courses in a way to be in equal footing with Castilian, as commands it the national Constitution, which in its article 140 recognizes both languages as official and with the right to receive, as such, equal treatment especially in education (Art. 77). On the other hand, at the discretion of the ATENEO 257 technical report was written in an ambiguous and little serious way to cause more confusion; It seems that their authors we are considered silly at all; therefore – after clearly admit that Guarani was exluido of the third course – the fifth paragraph of the report says: as you may notice, reduced discipline has not been excluded. We know that, in essence, the decision to reduce and exclude the Guarani does not correspond to V.E., but those responsible of the Resignification of middle education, who also produced that aberrant technical report and without reasonable pedagogical support; and that it risks the MEC to disobey a constitutional mandate. Faced with this situation, we appeal to V.E. asking, once again, the reconsideration of the decision of the Ministry of education and culture to reduce the hours of teaching of the Guarani language in the second year of secondary education; and – even worse – the exclusion of the teaching of the Guarani language in the third course: and that, on the contrary, the MEC strengthens and nest the Guarani language, giving it the same time burden of Castilian, in three courses of the secondary education. This approach is shared by other institutions and individuals, national and international, that have spoken by different means, including via the Internet these days.

Latin America

or European Union treaties with many countries in the area of Latin America. We should not forget either, within this context, large migratory flows of the Latin countries to nations like USA have swelled a very important market for goods and services in these Nations and that language, in practical terms, becomes a competitive advantage for the company that can cope with fluidity within the parameters not only communication if not also cultural they pave the way towards these millions of potential consumers. In this regard it is important to note the meeting of thin of more than 70 universities in all the countries of Latin America and Spain; which sessions in Medellin, Colombia, in days leading up to the Congress and whose purpose was the adoption and implementation of the SICELE (System International’s certification of the Spanish as a foreign language), and in the words of the Director of the Cervantes Institute will ensure that all holders of a certificate of knowledge of the Spanish foreigners are able to perform the same activities with languageNo matter the place or the institution where obtained it, a comparable certification obtained for the English language through the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and therefore a important addition to a curriculum summary for anyone whose native language is not the Spanish as he can be for us a high score on the TOEFL. On the other hand, it is good to mention one of the challenges for the future during this Congress: Ramon scissors, director of the Instituto Cervantes Virtual Center puts us face our responsibility as diffusers of our language and our culture and asks us if we cannot allow or not that the English-speaking world, especially through Internet services, whoever does this crucial function as it is no doubt that a good part of the contents in Spanish of the Internet are being distributed and managed by Anglo-Saxon companies (for example: Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.), companies which also continue in the race for control of much more material content and services and by strict logic is our responsibility as a Spanish-speaking fill those niches, every day more important, in this sense, Mr shears, highlighting the need for participation, not only of business groups and States but also of all of US Hispanic Internet users.

Congress Food

When starting professional studies, in the market of racing there are various options at the hand of the postulate, the offer of a number of studies makes the choice of the same, then because of this when giving us account that is actually what we want to study we see ourselves in a rather unique tangle. The following article and in accordance with the above hopefully solve doubts, instruct, guide and advise on benefits and requirements study kitchen, also contribute to the search for the desired career. The cooking or culinary is based on the artistic preparation of food from there comes the professional chef to take dishes as real canvases to there make their artistic preparations; This practice consists of the study of the benefits of each food in order to extract their greatest virtues both food and artistic, a great example of this is the cucumber that thanks to its color and consistency is not only an excellent accompaniment to any meal, but also an excellent ornament for the same. The objective of the study of the kitchen is based on training individuals, with an extensive food knowledge a great capacity for creation and innovation; This discipline has a great focus on the creation of experts in the manipulation and control of food, being thus able to extract and compile all the benefits of each of the ingredients in preparation. In addition to infuse organizational aspects as the ability to manage a professional kitchen, staying constantly informed about trends food and know them apply to the own kitchen and proper handling of general rules of hygiene.

These are the main objectives of the study of the kitchen. This discipline students not only know the world of food, but they also know about nutrition, chemistry and food preservation, this in order to take a perfect control of food not to allow the loss of its nutrients. Another goal of the study of the kitchen is to know the basic components of a kitchen and be aware of the use of instruments such as knives, pans and other components that are used in the preparation of a recipe. The study of the kitchen as entire career has many difficulties, delivery, discipline and sacrifice are part a very important part of it; study of the kitchen is not as simple as you think, not just simply learn the recipes and make them, personal touch factors are also important when it comes to this practice, also the most well-known experts in the field assert that this is not learned, develops because it is something with which you were born. The study of the kitchen has ample labor some of them are: 1. administering services based on the power companies.

2 Colleges. 3 Casino. 4 Restaurants. 5 Congress centres. 6 Resorts. 7 Cruises. 8 Camping and hostelling. Although the kitchen Studio is based solely on the preparation and use of the food, also manages several divisions, each responsible for a different form of food control. These as bakery and confectionery. Original author and source of the article

World War

The Turkish hostility towards Iraqi Kurdistan has another background. Ankara fears that the autonomous North-Iraqi example can infect Kurdish Southeast from his Republic. In addition, Iraqi Kurdistan is intended to attach Kirkuk and its surroundings where it is the second reserve petroleum of Mesopotamia. Achieved this economic power of such a region would be much greater and could pave the way for future independence. There is a strong minority of Turkish-speaking that is hostile to Kurdistan and that Ankara wants to sabotage against the Kurds in Kirkuk and its surroundings. Ankara fears a solution to the Kurdish problem that is how that resolved the question of Polish at the end of World War I. After 1918 allowed the creation of the Polish State gathering territories that were formerly part of the Empires of Berlin, Vienna and Moscow.

The turco case has also generated a war in the U.S. Congress. Bush is interested in maintaining good relations with its ally and seeks to reach an agreement with Ankara to avoid this inroads in Iraq. The White House told them facts have concessions to Iraqi Kurds as they are their best allies in that country but who want to limit their influence. However, Democrats (who want to humiliate Republicans to move the power) are opposed to the occupation of Iraq and proposed another policy. A way of beating his rival Bush is wanting to do approve a resolution condemning Turkey’s genocide that it ran the extermination of its Armenian population 92 years ago. The fact that for nearly a century, Washington has not recognized officially recognize the Armenian genocide is a contrast to what he did before the nazi genocide of six million Jews. The latter is something essential in American diplomacy and culture and Washington has used this to justify its involvement in World War II (including having been the only country in history to have launched atomic bombs against civilians) and to endorse the creation and development of Israel.

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