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State Bulletin

Jimenez indicates that they lead years working with groups of Congress to achieve a parliamentary initiative in this regard and, as the situation is entrenched, the entity includes carry case to Spanish and European justice. Forced to surrender their savings in full Civil War, specifically in 1938, a decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Francoist, Burgos-based Government, ordered the prohibition of the possession of paper currency in course by the enemy, according to the official State Bulletin (BOE) of 1938. This ruling, moreover, ordered the seizure of paper currency printed by the Republican government from 1936, which also put into circulation some municipalities located in Republican territory and even cooperative. For this purpose, created the Fund of paper currency put into circulation by the enemy, and thus, neighbors of all Spain had to hand over their savings to the Bank of Spain, to the municipalities and private banks, and never claimed the amount paid. This is not the first case of victims of Civil war and the Franco regime which have not benefited from the Act of memory Historical going to court to claim their rights. This March the European Court of human rights admitted pending a lawsuit from the Spanish Evangelical Church (IEE), Protestant denomination oldest in Spain, Evangelical pastors who exercised during Franco’s regime are discriminated against. The reason is that the Social security of the era did not recognize the profession of Protestant pastor, so it could not quote, and the State still does not recognize your right to collect pensions for themselves and their widows. Source of the news: thousands of families of all Spain demand to collect the red money that was seized them in the dictatorship.

Governing Committee

The next EP 20 September will be a special meeting of members. Santiago Moncada has been appointed President of the SGAE. The Commission of inquiry will be directed by Ramon Lopez Vilas, Professor of Civil law and the Supreme Court escuchando. The Board of Directors of the society General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), gathered this Thursday, has unanimously approved all proposals adopted on 21 July by the Governing Committee of the management body, and has agreed to hold new elections next January 16, 2012. It has also decided to convene an extraordinary General meeting of partners on September 20, in which a Commission for revision of the electoral system, which will represent all the sensitivities of the collective authorial will be chosen.

Subsequently, on 25 November will undergo partners that amendment of the statutes of the society in a new extraordinary General Assembly. Finally, once approved this reform and expanded the democratic basis of participation, elections shall be convened at the The Board of Directors on January 16, 2012. Santiago Moncada (Madrid, 1928) playwright and screenwriter has been appointed President of the SGAE, in replacement of the filmmaker Jose Luis Borau, who has served for the past four years. Santiago Moncada will continue to be, at the same time, President of the Fundacion Autor. The Board of Directors endorsed, among other measures, leaving vacant the General direction of the company and the implementation of a Commission of inquiry headed by Ramon Lopez Vilas (A Coruna, 1940), Professor of Civil law, escuchando of Supreme Court and member of the Academy of legislation and jurisprudence, whose results will be transferred to all the partners and the national audience. In addition, the members of the current Board of Directors has been appointed Jose Maria Diez-Picazo (Madrid, 1959) as financial director of SGAE, whose first mission will be to re-examine all the procedures of budgetary control and launch a divestment plan in Artery. Members of the Board of directors who have flocked this afternoon to the headquarters of the entity have been, among others, Mikel Erentxun, Teo Cardalda, Inma Serrano, Caco Senante, Victor Manuel, Alberto Comesana and Jaume armholes.

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