We could make a text enaltecendo the soccer. Half half verse, proseados verses chats. with this we would have enough elements and sufficient for a laudatrio text to the advances of Brazil in the pantry of the world. In this and the passed others already. This text could, also, have a patriotic heading: My country.

Something thus: My Country My country has coloring, of beauty without equal. February is joy, is school, is carnival. the time goes passing, repicando berimbau. For the fields, in the bare ones, it has shout in the soccer, therefore the faceira garotada one faces the afternoon of sun and if it shoots against the ball, rolling making goal. My country has five goblets and sixth soon it comes.

We are penta, nobody tasca and it does not have pra plus nobody. Way can Argentina, Italy and France also, that our squadron of gold, canarinhos, said somebody, will raise caneco: it absorbs the finger baby. My country has soccer and the twisted one cries out goal. In one only shout that if raises underneath of the blue sky: We want to bring hexa, is not nothing cheap, but it is the dispute that it counts, in the country, of tip the tip in this great championship. My country, my city, if dresses of green yellow. For the streets, quarters and squares, are everything very beautiful. Child, young and adult, twisting for what she comes. in this world, a ball, in passing of letter, six stars, plus nobody. In my country, in each alley or fertile valley, it has a talent field. While some are had fun others already give show in the wind. If it has one that pedala, another one is bamba in the hat, and the ball enters canelas balances the net in the talent. My country in two a thousand and catorze will host the pantry.

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