CEC Elections

Fleeing from conflicts, political chaos and material torments people have found shelter and bread in other countries, waving his hand to his homeland. Registration in order not however, many remained, and power through the wage paid by "activists" use their votes in their favor, as many times, in terms of documentary evidence, stated their opposition to the revelatory speeches. There have been such fraud, when the boxes fell ballots on behalf of former voters who had gone to another world, or when the same citizen allegedly voted for it the ruling party, and simultaneously at different polling stations. And so on. Authorities now are willing to eliminate this vicious practice. Rather cunningly denying such facts in the past elections, seek to deprive the opposition Leaders chance for a new-founded criticisms. However, after a rough and unsuccessful intervention of Georgian exporters of revolution in the first round of the Ukrainian elections is easy to imagine how carefully Saakashvili his team clinging to power with his teeth, will be to observe democratic rules in the elections in Georgia. But for now, as the chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze is commendable that the chairman of the CEC is ready to create working group composed of oppozitsionnyzh politicians, all the conditions for a normal and productive work.

"Elections must take so that all processes were completely transparent for both the opposition and to society. Each citizen should be a feeling that given a fair and democratic elections, and after the implementation of new initiatives it will be quite possible, "- said Bakradze. Feeling – it's not bad, better yet to comply reality. The Georgian opposition movement today, with white envy evaluates the quality of presidential elections in Ukraine. The possibility of an alternative leader came to power through fair elections, when the will electoral majority gets adequately reflected in the results of the catechumens, it remains a dream for Georgia. In Ukraine, ascertain the Georgian experts, this time, regardless of the name of the winner really won democracy, and this is seen as supporters of a pure political game, a great example for Georgia.

Will there bloodless regime change, or country of theirs will be new shocks, show the same election in May, is regarded as dress rehearsal before the presidential elections in three years. One thing is certain: the experiments with the introduction of democratic innovations of the Western model and the associated hardships generated by the inability, similar to the challenges faced by Krylov monkey did not understand what are the common points, fed up with not only the population of Ukraine and Georgia. But Viktor Yushchenko with a conscious, I think, this politician own political failure – this one, and Mikhail Saakashvili with his belief in loyalty to the hot stay the course and self-delusion, who left the limits of political sanity – is quite another. And because count on a quiet and dimensional course of events in Georgia do not have any politicians or observers, or so, the more ordinary citizens, who can only dream of peace. But with all the deep distrust of the authorities is still hope, which is logically based on the simple truth that everything has its limit.

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