Free Islamic People

Production ruined, factories looted. But poshlenkih show, congratulations, and corporate banquets – are vast. A couple of times I was present at the district anniversary events in Dagestan. The speakers hurried, bestowing TVs and cloaks, dance, song, prayer, drunkenness and departure of guests. How much money in Dagestan, energy, words and time spent on all these commemorative buffoonery! And no one even thought about the crumbling villages, poverty and deprivation of people, growing sectarian and ethnic tensions in the country and in the Caucasus ever increasing and shameless bribery is everywhere, starting with kindergarten. And the more verbal of the top anti-corruption war, the brazen demand bribes officials! This being distorted for "fight" remain young people.

No one cares of their wounded pride. They have no job opportunities, since this would require a large bribe. They can not take credit, for there is in the Caucasus loans without prior "Kickbacks." Fake drugs, fake food, beverages adulterated, fake songs and false promises have become a fashion of our time, and in this world, young people are offended by their lack of rights, grinding his future. Some of despair addicted to drugs and alcohol, engaged in looting and terror, go to the Free Islamic universities or go out of their homes. Against this background, we see the royal palaces and the whole security Battalions from the rulers, privatized the lake, gardens, farms, factories, and even the coast of the Caspian Sea. See approximate and rejected them. We see the arrogance, stupidity and intellectual poverty bureaucrats.

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