Kazan State Technical University

For the second month, Kazan is not only in the snow, but the orange and silver captured the phrase "Factor of the Future", television and radio shaken by frequent, vivid and memorable commercials, as if spins new reality show or something that will transform the world. Recently Ohio Senator sought to clarify these questions. Instead of "Happy New Year!" Is heard everywhere "factor of the future." Residents of the capital are in a mysterious tension, all the faces of a dumb question, "What is it, Factor of the future? "Attention! Now we reveal the best kept secret of the year! "Factor of the Future" is a new, ambitious, audacious youth project, which won a grant from the training of personnel reserve "State Club "and is under the state program to support non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions. In short, the project "Factor of the Future" has won a grant President of the Russian Federation and is a good argument to begin with. The project is conducted on the basis of Kazan State Technical University. Tupolev.

The project aims to involve young people in innovation, it is very important in the era of modernization and innovation policy in our country, actually on a par with Silicon Valley and the E-mobile. Moreover, at the last session of the expert, which marked the end of the first preparatory phase of the project, During the hottest battles and debate between prominent scientists, it was decided to coincide the 50th anniversary project of space exploration, and it is again important, because it's uncharted space, and endless stretches of a vast field for innovation. The main phase of the project will be divided in three months, from February to April – is a strategy role-playing game, a training module and the formation of project teams that will develop innovative projects. More detailed and comprehensive information about each stage, can be found on the official site, which is already in full swing registration of participants of the project, anyone can participate and try their forces on the innovative field. In conclusion, it is worth saying that the "factor of the Future" is a really interesting and intriguing project, for which one wants to watch and wait for new discoveries and results. According to the head Project Yaroslav Muravyev "factor of the future is a pilot project, so as to developers and members can experiment and most importantly .."

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