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Business Standard

From 2014 comes into effect a new program, all manufacturers of heavy trucks should be subject to the new fuel economy standards. As planned the new standard has far-reaching plans: cost reduction transportation of goods, services, and reduce environmental pollution. The new standard provides almost zero emissions of nitrogen oxides soft and provides ingress of solid carbohydrate (soot) at the level of 0,01 g / l.s.-ch. This standard will increase the cost of grade 8 trucks, ten million. Achieving a new standard will be achieved through technology: more efficient engines, improved traction roads, improved aerodynamics, improving the quality of spare parts, installation of exhaust after-treatment filters, etc. It was also noted that new standards would not create obstacles to doing Business support and will not participate in the political games that will reduce jobs.

First congratulations to the honored companies 'Cummins Inc', presented by the engine meets the new standards: EPA 2010. EPA is working 17000 man, 10 regional offices and 27 laboratories. More than half of its employees are engineers, scientists and environmental specialists, and other groups include the legal, public affairs, financial and computer experts. The agency conducts environmental assessments, research and education. He has primary responsibility for setting and enforcing standards in a number of environmental laws, in consultation with state.

EPA include fines, sanctions and other measures. The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and efforts to conserve energy. 9 July 1970, citing growing protests over the lack of environmental protection and conservation of wildlife, President Richard Nixon sends the plan to establish a single organization, creating the EPA as a single, independent the agency among the smaller of various federal agencies. Before the creation of EPA, the federal government does not have all the powers and resources to comprehensively regulate polluters.

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