Winds Of War In The Western Sahara

Picks of the Saharawi people living subdued by Moroccan troops Winds of War in Western Sahara By Ricardo Sanchez-Serra * The hunger strike held peaceful Saharawi activist, Aminatou Haidar, at the airport in Lanzarote, in Spain for 32 days, has put on the table not only the personal drama, but the tragedy of the Saharawi people living conquered by Moroccan troops since 1975, which invaded the Western Sahara. It also makes showcase the prostration of over 200,000 refugees in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, the indifference of the United Nations, who are unable to react to the invasion and the violation of human rights in Morocco. Haidar, called the “Sahrawi Gandhi,” and even “The Passion”, held a hunger strike in protest against the dictatorship Moroccan King Mohamed VI, which prevented him from returning to Western Sahara, where they live with their children of 13 and 15 years of age.

She returned from the United States where he received the international prize “Civil Courage 2009”-had previously been awarded the Robert Kennedy Human Rights in 2008 – when the Moroccan authorities confiscated his passport and drove to the Canary Islands. Spain is the real culprit for the plight of the Saharawi people, because for the United Nations remains the responsibility of the colonial administration, although irresponsibly handed over the territory of two countries (Morocco and Mauritania) through the Madrid Tripartite Agreement in 1975 . Mauritania withdrew shortly afterwards made peace with the Polisario Liberation Army and recognized the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)..

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