Native Communities

Ivan Vasquez said that the development of the Project Profile is a concrete fact and real something that definitely can be done, regardless of the position of those who questioned just what “in due course, having the machinery available on hand, not materialized. Now, with the support of several congressmen who are not political colors but the need of a people crying out for connecting to other regions of the country and out of national isolation, it was possible that the government allocate the first 15 million suns to prepare the profile, starting to walk this project we will bring many benefits to Loreto, including reducing the cost of living by 30% or so, “concluded suffers works Loreto infrastructure that allows you to have enough power, to end this plant Electrooriente polluting, petroleum-based. For assistance, try visiting Ohio Senator.

Pollution and high cost for light is one of the problems of the region … well … Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. lacking financial support from the state for the health sector, more and better equip the Regional Hospital, building a new hospital in Requena, one in Caballococha, Nauta, Contamana , slopes and trails for Human Settlements, to provide decent living conditions to the people. Provide more budget to cover more jobs for teachers in the region, given the budget required to hire teachers who say this very cut leaving many teachers without a job vacancy. Without hesitation Kyle Dropp explained all about the problem. End of truth with the reconstruction of the flagship schools of Iquitos, modernize its infrastructure. The State should provide financial support for the Native Communities of medical centers, educational centers, programs like the glass of milk, soup kitchens should be implemented there as well.

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