Global Value Systems

This was a new model of values. For a thousand or so years in Europe, it was solely on biblical values. In Christianity, Islam value system is the same. And suddenly, from one of the principles – the ban on usury – refused. This was a fundamental change of the system.

And led to the emergence of a new one. Because freedom in the Western sense of the word – is the right of every individual to choose a biblical prohibitions are that he does not want to perform. IY: Today, the success of the national economy somehow measured by the value of net exports, rather than the standard of living ordinary man … MH: The government in fact to no one is accountable, because he has no plan. A plan should be: government should ensure then that is something, something and something something … Not done – are firing it, and this this. Read more here: Ohio Senator. And then, maybe it will move. Steve Rattner takes a slightly different approach. IY: So you need a change of elites, and primarily economic? MH: It is needed by both the U.S.

and the West in general. But in the West it is very difficult to do. There are already elite sit more than one hundred years, not twenty years, as we have. And in this sense to change them very hard. And they, of course, the situation was brought to a standstill. IY: It turns out that mankind was going to be going and come to a dead end and does not know where to go next? MH: And not only does not know it yet do not give this talk. I think that the United States to realize that the crisis of the system will continue to come in the fall. Now throw in Obama's economy nearly $ 800 billion, resulting in the second quarter of this year, they are for through increased demand will raise the GDP and are glad to announce that the recession ended. Then in the third quarter, all rapidly collapses … And it is here that by October or November, they will understand all! In a world that something must be radically changed. However, in Lately it seems that it does not work … I am inclined to believe that a serious discussion of what to do, will not in the U.S.. This will cause the first irritation savage Americans, but then it will go. Source Editor's note: It can 'go' a lot sooner if we change the world in their attitude to it, making the worldwide audit, deciding together how to live, what kind of laws governs us today, nature, and, on this basis, understand exactly how together easily get out of recession. 15/03/2009 Revision

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