Colombia Presidential Elections

Colombia a country where the sun shines every day, where you can see the clouds in the sky when they go in search of other places where to look. Colombia a country where rain falls and can always wait until it finishes to follow your path; the country of the sacred heart; the country in which you find a smile every day and in every corner, but that violence also makes the rounds in many parts. That country loved by their Colombian, goes to the polls to elect a new President on May 30, to see a horizon more clean, clear and transparent at the end of this Rainbow. You hear proposals, ideas, promises and even complaints between the same candidates; but only the awareness, experience and judgment that gives the knowledge of history and situations, can help many to know by who vote, who choose and who deliver the country’s future a withered by violence, but with many shoots to succeed, to prosper and wish to see a better future in their hands. In Colombia there is material to work, there are people with desires of go ahead, there are trained people to have a better future. In Colombia there are natural riches that make Eastern country a unique place, a place rich in waters, rich in land, rich in minerals, rich in so many things that they must care for and obtain for their own benefit; incalculable wealth, unimaginable riches. For all this the future that is expected in this country should be better, but is only in the hands of each of the voters of every intelligent person who does their right, a duty and an obligation to own for a better future. They are 9 candidates for the Presidency that go in this first round, these are:-Antanas Mockus.

Green Party – Juan Manuel Santos Partido de la U – Noemi Sanin party conservative – German Vargas Lleras party Radical change – Gustavo Petro Polo Democratico – Rafael Pardo Liberal Party – Jaime Araujo Renteria Social Alliance Afrocolombian -Jairo Calderon Liberal opening – Robinson. A. Devia voice of consciousness as Vice Presidential formula van: Sergio Fajardo party green Angelino Garzon party of the U Luis Ernesto Mejia party conservative Elsa Party Noguera change Radical Clara Lopez Polo democratic Anibal Gaviria Liberal Party Ana Maria Cabal Social Alliance Afrocolombian Jobanny Burbano Liberal opening Olga Lucia Taborda The voice of consciousness if there are 30 may by absolute majority winner will be the next President of Colombia; but the first two are going to a second round, to again return to the polls to elect conscience next June 20, the person who thought and is believed will be the best choice for this new path of democracy in Colombia.

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