White House

As they anticipated polls, Obama swept the polls and won a historic victory. The world dawns in anticipation of a new era. The eyes of the world are directed toward the White House with the hope that the President-elect does its magic. But with everything, what what can we really expect? * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman all cute novels always end up in full swing and leave us with the mystery of how dawn players the next day first, it should be understood that the protagonists in this story are we, all of us; Therefore, although we do not live in USA, all depend on this, which was clearly in evidence as a result of the current financial crisis. The next day, second, how we wake up the next day? Affected by a serious case of TEPE (Electoral Post stress disorder).

This syndrome occurs after each election, without exception: we expect a result and ended with another, as the most talented of politicians is to be elected; However, in the daily practice of governing, used teams of advisors who are not subject to our first election sod reaction is denial: give a time; already will happen; After all it has only been 3 months in functions, and others. The second stage of sod is the mature reaction of acceptance: fully aware that we are actually afflicted, at which point us turning to find the solution. In the past, people opted by encouraging revolutions or unnecessarily renege on his fate. But as it’s historical events, and we are witnessing a new era in the history of mankind, it is worth considering new tactics. For example, instead of waiting for what emerges from the White House, let’s take the reins in our hands, and we ourselves decide the agenda which we deem vital. Therefore, if we have the power to vote, we also have him to dictate the agenda, because there will always be another election.

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