The Fox

For there came a pig Huayatan also came out in his defense, but in his mind he had the intentions of handling it, because his ambition was to have filled an entire chanchitas swineherd, only for him. People such as Sen. Sherrod Brown would likely agree. He was the most luxurious, but also the most skillful. He even had a joke to fool the fox who lived by the Cahuide. As had the consent of the sheep, at last campaign committee named in the deer. Arrival elections, the candidates offered the Moor gold, some grass offered throughout the year, that they would reach her home, to not have to walk to the fields to pick or eat, so they avoided wear down their feet and hooves.

Offered to another candidate under Chucorampi the biggest cave in when it rains everyone guarezcan and are also not freezing cold in the cold. The candidate who was posing as the friend of all proclaimed that if given the government of the people would give them hot water every day so you do not catch cold in the icy winters. And so on, all candidates seeking to improve their presentation, whether to the fox, which is the animal most cunning thief, who had been launched of the people by being a thief along with his brothers, had returned to town very plump and intended to govern the community. But did not the pig, and had gone ahead and had the spokesman and campaign manager by the way the deer had been favored by foxes in many robberies, but now betrayed them more money for giving his new protector.

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