The most used browser after Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, seems to have its ultiva version release date: number four (which is now in the phase of testing or beta). The beta has been longer than expected, which has enabled to develop and fix errors that could raise the software.She has also been very progressive since it has allowed, apart from integrating more news, see how has gone extending by other languages (since it was only at the beginning in English) test today’s session has concluded, with all systems will be prepared for the launch of Firefox 4 on March 22, said the senior director of the FoundationDamon Sicore. The most prized novelty of Firefox, is obviously your new design: more modern, useful and that can be organized. It is also worth mentioning their internal news, and you can not see at first glance as greater compatibility with websites and CMS, better performance and accessibility (which until now could give problems) to all these developments, You will have to wait to next Tuesday’s March 22, where, if there is no any serious incident, will be releasing version 4 officially. _ _ _ TecnoAct news Spain (www.tecnoact.

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