Freedom? Freedom consists where you can make almost everything, established in rules that same it imposed. You can smoke, established in the hour that to give will to it, but looks at later the result of the bombing in the pulmes and in agreement. You can drink, but nor always the liver goes to want to deoppilate, it also can if ‘ ‘ encher’ ‘ of the trick and empapuar. Freedom is to be where to want well, but well-taken care of not to be confined in the gratings that its proper censorship created. It sings and it sings, until a throat to be rouca, but the freedom does not allow that let us hear discords and nor plastic songs. You can love who wanting, but the neighbor of the side already has owner, then if she does not risk literally in the love, because you can die of love. Freedom allows you to make what to want, but it does not want to dream of that will not be able to carry through. You can become a fool in the life.

He dreams of the probable one and he waits the impossible one, thus what to come more will be profit. Freedom consists of you to make everything, but all it can cause moral undertow. You can be what to want, but the weight de a Cruz alone you can load. Not escancare the doors of your life, therefore can enter who you does not want. It keeps half-opened the windows of the heart, pra that when you to call it you can look at and to know who calls to it. It walks with its identity, but it creates a personage to conquer the society. It keeps to its dreams and joys in a bank, therefore the sadness in data moment can come to assault to it. Freedom is to be able to order everything pra that place, but before it tries to listen to the sound of the life and perceives that it already ordered to it has much time.

It imprisons its desires and it domesticates its yearnings, the freedom and the libertinism walks side by side. You can beat in the bathroom, but well-taken care of that it is always busy in the hour that if more necessary. Therefore he always calls before entering. The freedom allows you to make what to give in the roofing tile, but before it places flagstone in its conscience, because the rock breaks glass roofs. He keeps then to its bodoque! Freedom consists of making everything that you want, established in the dictatorship that it imposed. The constitution of the life imprisons more than what the laws judicial that we create.

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