Deep Municipal

This device never was taken care of with the severity and the necessity that it justifies.Not all the States had created the Deep one of Infancy and Adolescence; the smashing majority of the cities also left WEAVES to create it. Of the 853 mining cities less than 150 they possess Deep Municipal theatre of Infancy and Adolescence and the situation is not different in the too much States. New suggested systematic aims at to eliminate these impediments that until the present date alone had harmed our children and young. 2) QUALIFICATION LACK: A composed team of professionals for general lawyers, doctors pediatrics and physicians, social nurses, politicians, tributaristas, assistants and teachers will elaborate one emends for training of Managers and Actors who will specifically act in the area of Infancy and Youth. This emends will be including, approaching all the inherent aspects to the work; it will have an ample and dynamic boarding, considering the innumerable social realities of the country; will be presented in an accessible and assimilable language for all the types of public, if not disdaining the recurrent values of the regionalisms. The Conanda can assume the elaboration of emends and each CEDCA, without modifying it to it essence, but being able to extend the content, will make the adaptations for one better understanding and easiness of application and implantation in the different regions. 3) INSUFFICIENCY OF SOCIAL POLITICS: She is necessary urgently to rethink basic the social politics, mainly for the cities with inferior population the 20 a thousand inhabitants each one, who are the majority and that they continue living, or in the misery or great difficulties, transferring income and population to the averages and great cities and, in such a way, producing and extending the ominous social consequences that we attend currently. Only through sustainable regional investments, prioritizing the areas most devoid, we will obtain to reduce the poverty and to stimulate the man to remain in its place of origin, annulling or at least reducing the migratory flows and disencumbering the averages and great cities, therefore: ) if the small city to offer minimum conditions of life and work the citizens will not search the cities biggest in search of professional accomplishment for itself and its children: b) the pure and simple transference of the irrisria income already has two negative faces: on the other hand it weakens the city, whose resources gotten next to the State are calculated by the number of inhabitants; on the other hand, the cities that receive the migrants see to appear and to grow slum quarters in the peripheries and if to aggravate all problematic the social one..

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