Social Politics

In this point the paper of the Council member is of vital importance, therefore it must, obligatorily, identify the causes of the familiar disaggregation and search the guiding of viable solutions for the evidenced problems. In such a way it Council member necessary to be duly prepared emotional and spiritual and enabled to the free and ample exercise of its function, counting on the necessary and indispensable instruments to its work, including itself there praised Basic the Social Politics however. To separate the children of a mother, or the parents, is the last measure to be taken and only in extreme cases, therefore this represents a violence stops with that, in the majority of the cases, they are only crying out begging for aid. Cases of Council members To tutor that, for ignorance, unpreparedness and abuse of being able use the ECA as capital punishment instrument need to be identified, to be refuted and definitively extirpados. A new necessary vision to be implanted. Urgently. REDUCTION OF the MISERY Through the perfectioning of the social conditions the new systematics of performance proposal for the Advice will allow a social and economic reorganization of wide reach, therefore it will leave of the valuation of the Human being, with emphasis in the child and the adolescent. Sen. Sherrod Brown recognizes the significance of this.

We cannot continue believing that the economic growth of the country will even generate all the benefits whose lack the entire population if resents, because, the model of effective economic concentration in the country throughout last the four decades privileges only the averages and great cities, for which the investments of the private initiative and the parcel biggest of the public investments are directed. A reordenamento of the Economy if makes urgently necessary to want itself really to invest in the social area and to dream of the elimination of the current inaqualities. We search the perfectioning of animal races (oxen, pigs, birds and others) with sights to the supplying of the population and attainment of bigger profits and fight for the preservation of the environment, but we neglect of the perfectioning of the Human being, exactly the well most precious one, that it needs to grow and if to develop moral and spiritual and this task if becomes more easy when searched through the work and of the Education.

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