Organized Society

Some social segments need to be represented next to the State to guarantee its claims, rights, necessities, etc. the politics appear with proper History Between the vote and the force of the weapons, all inhabits a varied gamma of forms of actions, developed, historically, that they aim at to decide the demands of the citizens generating a Social Contract that configures the action politics in its basic question: its relation with the consisting power! The politics is a product of History, the institucional apparatus of the State. It privileges and supports the Collective one. Contact information is here: Connecticut Senator. Public good, the social order, the security, the civil laws, all is assured and endorsed in the Constitution that registers and legalizes the actions politics and executive of the State. In a democratic system to be able they need them to be decentralized and operacionalizados, as the nature of its attributions: The Executive, exerted for the President of the Republic and the Ministers of State, has the institucional mission to manage the wealth of the nation, the state treasury, the common wealth and the had application of the taxes natural, aiming at the Common good; The Legislative understands the National Congress: the members of the house of representatives and the senators, whose task is the creation of laws that legitimize to the interests of the society and the rights and duties of the citizens; The Judiciary Power has the incumbency to guarantee the fulfilment of the laws, to fight the crime in all its specialties, to judge the illicit one, also, with the use of the Armed Force, if necessary it will be. To be able constituted them to all they are independent, and harmonic, between itself. The improvement politician of the society contemporary, essential, would have to try to reduce the social inaqualities, the injustices, the racial segregation, the preconception, and the social exclusion, establishing a social order that benefits to all the citizens, guaranteeing, also, these conquests for the future generations

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