The Future Starts Now

In the decade of 70 the GIP of Brazil, India and China was similar. In the decade of 80 Brazil arrived to have the superior GIP to the ones of China and of India Brazil competed in equality condition, but also it had its delayed industrial development. Today China is a economic, to militate and nuclear power that threat the world-wide economy and India is in the same way. One more time we lose the race. The inevitable question appears: where we erramos? The reply it is not simple and it was not only one reason. But the preponderant factors had been the weakness politics in the international scene and the internal administrative incapacity. While colony, our resources had been drained for and Europe.

After independence, the resources had continued being drained for the exterior, private safes, or wasters. International agreements badly negotiated and disadvantageous, the historical corruption and a gigantic managemental incapacity come atravancando the development of Brazil have 100 years more than. continues reigning, if covering and helping mutually. The politics lost its nobler direction and started to be synonymous of cheap petty politics, always associate the frauds and suspicious transactions excuses. This necessary cycle to be broken. If nothing it will be fact, the mediocrity will create roots and when to wake up, Brazil will be again colony.

Not in the molds of long ago, but yes in the modern molds, with Not Governmental corporations and Organizations dominating and exploring the territory, ours resources and making the laws.

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