Federal Administrations

1. INTRODUCTION the search of answers, on the part of diverse Municipal, State and Federal Administrations to the problem of the unemployment and of as to rethink the work, has found in the solidary economic enterprises (EES) a way based on concrete proposals and practical experiences. It can be said that the governmental actions directed to the development of these enterprises must be essentially dedicated to the magnifying of work ranks, to the creation of new forms of production, to the distribution of the income and the wealth. On the basis of this perspective, Secchi (2010, P. 2) recognizes that one public politics is ' ' an elaborated line of direction to face a problem pblico' ' in what it says respect to the confrontation of the social inaqualities. In this direction, the urgency and emergency of other labor forms as the associated and independent work alicerado for solidarity make with that the State rethink its paper and acquires a responsibility and interest to show the reality of the enterprises existing in the country.

Ahead of this, this objective article, essentially, to identify to the governments (state and municipal) apoiadores of enterprises based on the self management, inserted economic solidarity and democratic management in the context of the solidary economy. To lead the study, the adopted metodolgico apparatus meets divided in two parts: (1) bibliographical research, in the measure where it looked for to investigate the environment of the EES under the perspective description-theoretician and (2) documentary research that if it in such a way surrounded of particular and public archives (both Home Page), how much of statistical sources. The data presented in this part had been gotten through the National Secretariat of Economia Solidria (SENAES) of the Ministry of the Work and Emprego (MTE) for intermediary of the National System of Information in Economia Solidria (SIES) and of the Net of Managers of Public Politics of Solidary Economy.

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