Brazil Empire

The Aquinas streets and alleys in Brazil Empire are the best form to transmitting notice, to make politics and to unchain movements socialistic of the press and said of it said and me of the population that transitory these places that are common to all; poor persons, rich, Elizabethans scholars. The streets in Rio De Janean between 1820-1831 pass grandees changes and transformations, narrowing the bows of convivial opening breaches for social movements. WORDS KEYS: influenced the press, power and politics, privileges, conflicts and abdication INTRODUCTION:

During the imperial period the streets of Rio De Janean had been taken by an atmosphere of intense debate politician. In way to the disputes between Lusitania and natives and different projects of construction it Been National, and in these spaces of sociability in the quines streets and alleys together with the press the quarrels are propitious, to the debate criticize, it, the action the conflicts and the politics. when it is said in the press we have that to consider that the proper ones authorities are that they were responsible for the majority of publications and even though of the departmentalizes of the social movements. They were members of the house of representatives, officers of the troops, members of the church, owners of the commerce, booksellers, writers Most important she is that all intended to be citizens.

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