Civil Procedural Code

To sum up, it is necessary to demand that the Lawyers and litigants present/display their demands with the petitionary one clearly and concrete than they request 5 and thus to help quick and effective administration of Justice. It is mortificante and sometimes impossible to back leave the canons that prevail to us, especially when these paradigms are stopping having use at present; the man of modern right must be permeable to the change, to the positive, to create and to accept new paradigms, the right never is static, is more, must go behind the needs of the man, the challenges always are there where one less it thinks, for that reason we must face the new thing abriendo our mind intellect, abriendo our capacity of abstraction, deduction and legal interpretation with speed with effectiveness and efficiency; we are here fulfilling different rolls, we must help us to an the other and serve as the right and the laws to us like instruments to maintain the harmony and peace in society. the Judge will have to take care of that the concrete purpose of the process is to solve a conflict of interests or to eliminate an uncertainty, both with legal relevance, making the substantial rights effective, and that its abstract purpose is to obtain social La Paz in justice. 2 LOUIS JOSSERAND. Straight Civil, Volume I. volume II, 3 MORA’N MORALS, Claudia.

Causal of food exoneration : In. Commented Civil code. Straight of Family Volume III. First Edition. Legal newspaper.

Julio of 2003. P 285) 4 Article VII of the Preliminary Title of the Civil Procedural Code. the Judge must apply the right that it corresponds to the process, although it has not been invoked by the parts or it has been erroneously. Nevertheless, it cannot go beyond the petitionary one nor base its decision on diverse facts of which they have been alleged by the parts. 5 Law 28439 of 28 of December, 2004, Article 2 that interjection 11 modifies: the demand appears in writing and will contain. 5) The petitionary one, that includes/understands the clear determination and makes specific than is requested. Original author and source of the article.

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