Optimum Agreement

Thus for optimum agreement of the form the induction must be preceded by the experience, beyond the necessity to multiply and to diversify the same ones. The inquiry of the forms thus proceeds: on a given nature a citation must in first place be made exactly before the intellect of all the known instances that agree to one same nature, that meets in similar substances. this collection must historically be made, without premature speculations or too much requinte. (NOVUM ORGANUM, book II, aphorism XI). For this agreement it is basic to practise the true induction, a really probable, susceptvel induction of test that, a understood time the cause, ceases the effect. Thus all coherent experimental research, delimited well must be supported in three boards of inquiry, beyond the resources auxiliary of the agreement of the form. The three boards constitute the central nucleus of the baconiana induction, the method of inquiry of the nature that allowed a correct one knowledge of the phenomena leaving of the concrete facts, such as if give in the experience ascending to the general forms, that constitute its laws and causes, are delimited in the comment of the three boards.

The first board calls it of Presence, it deals with the collect and it collects of great number of facts. The researcher must write down its comments, to organize an exploration of the given nature, and to place questions to this nature, through the accomplishment of experiences, Bacon guides eight ways of comment, that are: Union, variation, prolongation, transference, inversion, compulsion, change of conditions and the repetition. The first step of the inductive method is to collect and to collect the most varied facts.

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