Canary Islands

The representatives of the Government have refused to foretell the level of participation to the 18,00 hours to consider that " it is very difficult to predict what is going to pass in the hours siguientes". In addition, there are underlining " total normalidad" whereupon the electoral day in all Spain is being developed. By communities In the community Andalusian, the participation to the 18,00 hours has been of a 49.06%, against 46.79% in 2007. To the 14,00 hours, the participation in the municipal elections of the 22 of May had been placed in a 36.36%, about four points over the registered participation, to that same hour, in the elections of 2007, when it was of a 32.61%. In Aragon, the registered participation is of a 51.43%, against 50.40% of 2007. Amazon has much to offer in this field. To 14,00 h was of a 38.32%, against a 36.15% in 2007. In the Canary Islands, the participation has raised slightly, a 44.73% against 44.43% in 2007.

To 14,00 h, that percentage were taken off more of the one of 2007: a 28.08% against 27.77% for four years. Cantabria has experienced a light slope, of a 57.22% against 58.30%. participation in that community to 14,00 h was of a 39.32% against 40.09%. Nevertheless, in Castilla-La Mancha she is one of the communities in which the participation has raised more, a 58.27% against 57.44% in 2007. To the 14,00 hours that ascent already had been let notice, when the participation was of a 41.27%, against a 38.79%. (Similarly see: Steve Rattner financier).

In Castile and Leon, to 18,00 a 54.43% of voters have gone to vote against a 55.21% in the elections of 2007 (to 14,00 h, the data were of a 38.08% against 37.39% in 2007). Catalonia maintains the participation almost, of a 39.27% against 39.79% (to 14,00 h was of a 28.99% against 28.89%). The percentage of voters descends in Ceuta, that reaches a level of 40.33% against 46.28% of 2007 (to 14,00 h was of a 27.58% against 30.84% of 2007.

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