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The Education of Transit that is of basic importance for the security of all the users of the transit, walks in the contrahand of the Human development, sight that the actions practised until the moment leave to desire as FORMATION PROJECT, therefore functions very as well as INFORMATION PROJECT, can make more than that is if not to make let us hang in the mesmice that we insist since 1998, this type of information is very useful for the fortunate Brazilians who had obtained the least to conclude the average education, an inserted minority in the RELATION TRANSIT, promoting the mannering misalignment between that little knows and those that nothing understand. A fact evidenced in our work: The difficulty of interpretation in the communication between conductor with conductor, conductor with pedestrians, pedestrians with conductor, and proper the responsible ones for the Management. This is the day to day reality in the RELATION TRANSIT. We ask for three hundred people who transit in Victory, of both the sexos, degree of instruction 1, 2 and 3 degrees, with age between 18 and 50 years Agent of Transit, Military Policemen, Pedestrians and Conductors: You already read the CTB? Code of Brazilian Transit? Of each ten interviewed, eight had answered that not. They had not read the CTB. In the process TO EDUCATE for the transit, we need to go beyond the will politics and of the isolated actions practised by one or another pursuing of the saciedade, that it is of great value to inform the society. I observed that since 1997, more necessarily January of 1998 that the one hundred and eighty million Brazilians have received information excessively and learning of less. To educate is a collective art, one to construct of knowing with social responsibility, justifying the formularization and development of a gigantic didactic-pedagogical project of social inclusion in the transit, an including and democratic inclusion of knowing, conceiving assimilating to learn, with theoretician-practical content, directed and continuous, FORMING KNOWING of the Relation Transit not only for the conductor, therefore in the transit it establishes a Social Relation involving individuals of zero to the one hundred years. When starting with its velocipede passing for the ambulant salesman, the aged one, making walked its, the owner of house. After formed knowing, it is enough to keep brought up to date with the INFORMATION. TO EDUCATE is something bonanza, that it must be dealt with the responsibility who intends to form for LIFE, goes beyond thing (physical space and schemes).

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