Brazilian Work

Generally its deliveries are in risk areas since its workstation is in a community encircled for others, thus it fulfill to its work making deliveries in dangerous places. Without knowing when it will start a new confrontation it enters polices x I traffic, after one day exhausting of deliveries and tasks it leaves its work for return of 17h retaking walked its until its residence, where he arrives first takes its Trilax remedy (takes it every day, without medical lapsing to alliviate its pains in the body and of head) takes its bath, he has supper and he looks for to go to sleep or to rest fastest possible to be able to be rested for plus one day of work. Quality of life Quality of life is a marcadamente multidimensional concept and that it depends on internal factors, as the perception, and external, as the environment, and in the world of the work, she is on to the motivation for the work and greater productivity. Although the importance of the subject still exists a great gap of knowledge, mainly in if treating to quality of life of the worker. Although this, studies disclose that right wages, security in the work, social relevance, flexibility, amongst others, are determinative factors for the quality of life of the worker. However the Brazilian legislation still is limited on the subject focusing norms of security and attendance to the health, not taking care of to the abrangncia, the multidimensionalidade and the social relevance of the subject. The young which we portray previously tells that due to its incubencies in its routine of work, it cannot usufruct of routine cares with its health, and since this works exerting three functions as it was displayed previously, it at least must have sporadical medical consultations and medical examinations to evaluate pains that feel in its body proceeding from the force consumed to its work. .

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