Basque Government

-Do not have slope of reinstatement or justification for other help. 7. In the case of rents: kinship may exist (by consanguinity to the third degree; by affinity to a second degree) between lessor and lessee. In the Palmas de Gran Canaria, the City Council has guaranteed that all families who meet the requirements, received 1,600 applications, receive anti-crisis aid to pay their housing-related basic services, for which the capital Corporation has up to 1 million euros donated by the Government of the Canary Islands. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. The Councillor of local housing, Chani Ruiz pointed out the first payments that have been made have been intended to pay electricity and water cuts.

Rent subsidies are also set at a maximum of 4,000 euros, despite recognizing that there are families who owe amounts exceeding this figure. The prerequisite for access to such aid is that the family unit does not exceed the 10,000 euros per year of income, so that applicants are mainly families with any or all members unemployed. Note: last minute about Basque country: Basque Government suppresses repurchase of flats to the unemployed threatened embargo In the Basque country, the Department of housing and Social Affairs of the Basque Government guarantees a public rental housing to the unemployed citizens who suffer a foreclosure Bank overwhelms them housing for inability to pay or be evicted by unable to meet rent. But you have to meet a few requirements: be stopped with an annual income less than 22,000 euros and not having another house in property. In the case of a free rental housing, the Basque Government will ensure the collection of rent to the owner, as it is the case with the Bizigune program, provided that this lowered the rent by 30%. The rent charged by the landlord may not exceed 1,050 euros per month. Maximum, the tenant will have to cope with 450 euros.

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