Soledad Benza Llatas Pflucker

In mid-September of 2008, Soledad Llatas agonized in the midst of the hematemesis, melena, and ascites, came already dying from months ago, Manuel Benza Pflucker, social wrestler Irredento and their children, were reluctant to lose it, but reality is very fierce next to the illusion and desires. It had remained in a Coma several days, charitable came out of it only for a few hours, only to say goodbye to their loved ones, because the complexion sallow and austere terminal liver disease, danced with frenzy around the family agony continued!, but family repeated aloud to Gabriel Marcel you not Moriras ever!, hope is the last thing that is lost, when there is no more hope the team of transplant in the Hospital Guillermo Almenara impotent and with their hands tied, only waiting for a donor, just waiting for a miracle, so human crying, he was more human in adolescent eyes of their children, francisco Quevedo verses became to hear ye, go ye out without mourning, tears running!, and as those tears are of water will go to the sea, but the pain of the soul, the pain of losing his wife and mother where does it go?, said, recalling Becquer.

That night, they called to Carlos magnet walls, another friend who had life in a thread also called to doctor Miguel Palacios Celi, that Liver Cancer took him is the grave that night, in the beacon Hospital, the night was more sad than usual for these three families, the fear was going through all the outfits that were above, they were hence called by the Unidad de trasplante had a liver donor!, lit the lights of hope, so much time off, faith reverdecia, the heart beats were frenetic, bodies trembled, pores were opened, skin sweating, souls praying Manuel sobbed hugged their children, the minutes and the hours were devoured that cold morning that exhaled droplets of hope, droplets of illusions the liver of the donor us looked saddened, I wanted to split into three pieces, but the noble organ only loneliness return life to a patient he had returned from hepatic Coma, the massive hematemesis had it cornered several days, in his bed, was surrounded by Manuel and his young sons, had left their documents in rule perhaps thought of surrenderMaybe I thought of dying in these circumstances the value and courage, they don’t give to much, even in this fierce woman, who from a young age knew and savoured the vagaries of politics, persecution, repression, the invective, exile, especially when he is assumed a position of defence of morality, social justice and equality, when practiced with the examplewith loyalty to his Manuel, assuming risks and costs confronting the corrupt, the Mafiosi, even in her already value is extinguishing and agonized.

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