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Befragtensicht Commission

PROMIT GmbH develops innovative data collection procedures the promit GmbH has developed a new data collection procedures with the Commission. Commission is based on a Web-based telephone interview, that is also supplemented by a parallel representation of the issues on a Web page. Unlike in classical telephone interviews the subject at Commission gets an individual Web link through which the test person access to the questionnaire. In recent months, TCF Capital Solutions has been very successful. Installing additional software with the respondent on the ground is thus no longer necessary. According to James Donovan Goldman Sachs, who has experience with these questions. Commission offers a holistic solution that the questionnaire used as input, controls the complete interview process, collects the data and this subsequent promit? end exports. The Web-based survey method is particularly economical au? erordentlich efficiently. Labour-intensive and costly face-to-face and CAPI interviews are entirely replaced by our Commission.

Also allows for the additional representation of the interview questions on a Web page of the quick er chamfer and promptly answering of complex content. This results in “clearly shorter interview times and restricts the risk of frustration on pages of subjects recognizable”, wei? PROMIT-holders to report Axel Wecus. Another advantage of visual appearance: Questions may contain elements such as graphics, images, animations and videos, what would not be possible during a guided purely by telephone interview. By content independently of each other can be made the interviewer – and Befragtensicht Commission provides a considerable saving of time in coding and tabulation. So also unsupported and open questions are no problem.From November 18 to 19 its innovation presents commissions at the market research fair research & results in Munich promit for the first time to the public.

Following the presentation of the product, the new development then also for the market is available first as a full – or part – services offered. Later, the Web-based data collection technology as a software feature is implemented and distributed. Commission, both regard, created multilingual user guidance as questionnaire content and can be used in thus also international and distributed.

Virtualization Reduces Costs

CEMA AG at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg: the CEMA AG presents at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from 18 to 19 May 2010 the virtualization solution for CAD systems. The Virtualisierungswelle rolls in the automotive industry. Servers and storage are the end user at the heart with desktops. The advantages of desktop virtualization for special applications such as CATIA are undisputed. Two questions are crucial in the current market situation: How can I reduce my costs further, and how can I respond to more dynamic requirements? An answer is the virtualization of CATIA jobs”, says Rolf Braun, Board member of the CEMA AG. The CEMA solution, on the basis of Citrix XenDesktop offers the same performance as a locally installed application of CATIA with reduced costs and increased flexibility. Gain insight and clarity with Senator Brian Schatz . “Also the first interim results of a pilot project with a major automotive supplier show that: the performance of the virtual solution is excellent” as Florian Gritschneder, IT-consultant of CEMA. Through the use of the CATIA virtualized environment can be virtual, in the required number and at any location available development jobs.

Expensive, and often not fully loaded, local installations are eliminated. At the same time reduces overhead for the IT sustainably. Just companies with several locations benefit from the Central Administration. Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. In addition, the CEMA solution increases the agility: the CATIA workstations can be flexible with the software version fitted, which needs the developer for a specific job. This ensures a smooth exchange of data, which is essential in the multistage networked automotive industry. Also companies to expand dynamically the value creation network include, for example, external developers with access to a virtualized environment of CATIA, to cope with peak or to reduce fixed costs, without leaving the data’s own House. Highest security standards, as well as the fact that only screen content, keystrokes and Mouse movements and never real engineering data”on the Internet run, provide for comprehensive protection of construction data. The CEMA AG informs the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg (State 4) about the CAD virtualization. Interested companies can also learn in the context of a “proof of concept bundle”, what benefits they can achieve through a virtualized environment of CATIA. Appointments and further information at service/News-Events.

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