World War

The Turkish hostility towards Iraqi Kurdistan has another background. Ankara fears that the autonomous North-Iraqi example can infect Kurdish Southeast from his Republic. In addition, Iraqi Kurdistan is intended to attach Kirkuk and its surroundings where it is the second reserve petroleum of Mesopotamia. Achieved this economic power of such a region would be much greater and could pave the way for future independence. There is a strong minority of Turkish-speaking that is hostile to Kurdistan and that Ankara wants to sabotage against the Kurds in Kirkuk and its surroundings. Ankara fears a solution to the Kurdish problem that is how that resolved the question of Polish at the end of World War I. After 1918 allowed the creation of the Polish State gathering territories that were formerly part of the Empires of Berlin, Vienna and Moscow.

The turco case has also generated a war in the U.S. Congress. Bush is interested in maintaining good relations with its ally and seeks to reach an agreement with Ankara to avoid this inroads in Iraq. The White House told them facts have concessions to Iraqi Kurds as they are their best allies in that country but who want to limit their influence. However, Democrats (who want to humiliate Republicans to move the power) are opposed to the occupation of Iraq and proposed another policy. A way of beating his rival Bush is wanting to do approve a resolution condemning Turkey’s genocide that it ran the extermination of its Armenian population 92 years ago. The fact that for nearly a century, Washington has not recognized officially recognize the Armenian genocide is a contrast to what he did before the nazi genocide of six million Jews. The latter is something essential in American diplomacy and culture and Washington has used this to justify its involvement in World War II (including having been the only country in history to have launched atomic bombs against civilians) and to endorse the creation and development of Israel.

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