Brazilian Politics

MRCIA GOMES DE OLIVEIRA SUMMARY This article searchs to verify the conflicts between the ethics and the politics and to analyze the situation of the oppressed people who does not have time and nor voice in the society, being focused as the power politician intervenes with the social relations since the arrival of the politics in Brazil, shortly after gave discovery to it in 1500, deturpando the moral values in the modern society through lies and corruption. Word-key: Politics. tica.Povo.Corrupo.Valores. RESUMEN En this I articulate if conflicto intends to verify el enters ethical y there politics y to examine there situacin of oppressed pueblos los there that in tiene tiempo y in tiene voice en there sociedad, centrndose en cmo el to be able politician en wools you relate sociales since there llegada woollen politics en Brazil, well despus del descubrimiento dio en 1500, lo that distorsiona los values morales en sociedad there modern the traverse of lies y there corrupcin. Words claves: there politics.

tica.Pueblos.Corrupcin.Valores. INTRODUCTION the ethics can be understood as science that studies the moral relations of the men between itself. Originated of the Greek ethos who means custom. The ethics appear to study and to investigate the principles, the behavior norms, that is, the practical traditional moral and considered values that conduct the behaviors human beings of definitive society. (VASQUZ, 2000). The ethical principles of a society can and must evolve following the moral values that suffer mutation, as the economic, technological and social changes. For Adolfho Vasquez (2000) the ethical principles evolve due to ' ' necessity to relate them with the social conditions which if they relate, with the aspirations and interests inspire that them and with the type concrete of relations human beings who intend regulamentar.' ' During the Average Age the teocntrica vision of the world time with that the moral values of the society were substituted.

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