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Own experiences show that even the knowledge of high-school graduates in Germany about the main hedging and investment opportunities to zero tends to St. Gallen, 10.09.2013. It is believed the well-known speakers, trainer and success coach Bernd W. Klockner ( home /), a variety of students in Germany is not even able to calculate a simple rule of three. Klockner must know that his computer training have undergone hundreds of thousands of people not only in this country and practiced in particular dealing with the popular computer”. “Own experience has shown that self knowledge of high-school graduates in Germany about the main hedging and investment opportunities to zero tends, many don’t know what is a contractor or a life insurance policy and once with the question of advancing what could be because probably the difference between a risk life insurance and a capital life insurance, in surprised faces looking”, so Michael Oehme, consultant at the CapitalPR AG and designated Financial expert. Additional information is available at Connecticut Senator. A recent study of the direct bank ING Diba fits perfectly to this assessment.

More than half of the respondents is, to have no financial education. A sad image, because after that Germany leads the ranking of the illiterate in financial issues in Europe. Only in Spain, as many citizens admit to have no financial education. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachss opinions are not widely known. The study shows a very interesting aspect: because, after all, 78 percent of Germans claim that financial education is also in order for the schools. Only 18 percent claim to have gotten them there (link: pm/59133/2536715/ing-Karan study 2013 German with minimum financial education in Europe). Check you closely, so dealing with money is not an issue not only in the school, this also applies to the most courses”, explains Michael Oehme. Against the background that now more and more university graduates in the freelancing aspire, this was a real failure.

But even otherwise, it would be desirable that the citizens circumstances in Germany at least on par with its advisers at the Bank or with free investment advisors. Money lessons in the school, in the University and why not in the workplace. An important step against financial illiteracy in Germany.

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