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Deputy Chief

From 1 January 2008 to take effect become a second phase of commissioning of the changes in the cao. Some of the results summarized at the press conference, Deputy Chief ugibdd atc in the Ryazan region police colonel Esakov. He said that the situation is changing for the better. However, for the first nine months of 2007 in the Ryazan region there were more than 1500 accident victims, which killed 336 people and over 2000 injuries of varying severity. Compared to the same period of 2006 the number of accidents rose by 8.6%. To trace what changes have been sent to the cao is not difficult – it’s driving while intoxicated (according ugibdd the first nine months of this year in Ryazan of 5,300 drivers arrested while driving drunk while another 2300 people have refused to undergo a medical examination) and speeding. On the background of changes in driver behavior it became increasingly clear division into a disciplined and disciplined. Many drivers (regardless of brand cars, sex and age) will still continue to violate.

Note that the predicate offenses leading to the accident are not in exceeding the speed limit by 10-20 km / h (there are cases when setting speed limits is absurd in these road conditions) and not in the driver a little drunk (as shown by many tests of a small number of Alcohol increases the concentration of a driver working as antideprisant), and in the banal boorishness on the road! Nontransmission pedestrians on the ‘zebra’, do not use the direction indicators, the sharp evolution of the series in a row, and so. are sometimes attendant facts many accidents with personal injury. Suffer usually disciplined citizens (the real culprits are often even in the case did not appear, as to prove their involvement can be very difficult). For which has been amended? That would bring order to the roads or a way to gather additional ‘tribute’ to the drivers? Can stimulate the work of traffic police, the inspectors who, because of ” lazy 20 minutes to prove the offender it guilt? Analyzing introduced an amendment may be noted that the fight against Hammami not thrown a single line. But it should be noted that the new rules being felt – in places where there are no positions the speed drops to a position 60, and right up to 50! The reason an increase in the number of traffic police posts on our roads. If before their afternoon with fire you will not find, now behind every bush for a flat road. At the traffic police have the motivation to work. One would be happy if the positions were not only ‘in bush ‘, but also throughout the city. The number of cars patrolling the city fell (if not to say that just disappeared). Once again, a good law seems to be flawed execution. Hama both went freely, and will travel. A disciplined drivers will give way to them Whatever it was, not the amount of the fine penalty, and in his presence. That sentence stems from the fact of repeated violations. Thus the conclusion is that for restore order increasing fines task was to stimulate job is dps. Their activity or lack thereof, fundamentally affect the order in the city. Another reservation were denied, and what the road will be the order of depends only on them.

Family Code

In Ukraine, the conclusion of the marriage contract is not very popular. Primarily because they do not correspond to moral principles of the majority. After all, the family – an alliance built on trust and love, it would seem, some here may be contract. But the statistics consistently shows that in many cases, a divorce the spouses is difficult to reach consensus, often one of them left with nothing on the street. Yes, and in everyday family life, sometimes at times there are cases when one spouse materially prejudice the other. That in order to avoid similar incidents and there is a prenuptial agreement. According to the Family Code of Ukraine marriage contract may be individuals who have filed application for marriage registration, as well as spouses.

Treaty regulates property relations between spouses, as well as on the content of children. Contract must be made in written form and be certified notarized. In the marriage contract can be defined property which the wife, the husband passes for use on general family needs, as well as the legal regime of property donated by the spouses in relation to the registration of marriage. If housing, in which the family resides belongs to one of the spouses, the contract can specify rules for using this housing. For text of the treaty, of course, better to see a specialist who listened to your requests, among other things, tells how to better regulate property relations in each particular case. Importantly, remember that the marriage contract – a mutual agreement, and you with your other half at any moment can to change its terms and conditions or terminate it altogether. Modify the contract at the initiative of one spouse can only be in court and in the case of his interests or the interests of children. Do not you want to somehow to secure its future and their children? Think about it. The marriage contract does not imply a divorce, but only simplifies things a bit relations between spouses. It can not provide personal relations, this sphere remains at your full disposal. And only you personally depends on how strong and harmonious would your family.

10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina

The City of Buenos Aires has a host of attractions, places to visit and activities. We will only mention ten that you can not miss when you visit Buenos Aires, la Reina del Plata. 1 – Tour Traditional The traditional city tour includes a visit on its way: – the Plaza de Mayo, the square known as the Argentine people, because it happened the most important events in Argentina's history. – The Cabildo: the west side of the Plaza de Mayo is this historic building, where in 1810 the natives decided to form their own government, being taken prisoner, the King of Spain by the French. – Government House is also called the Casa Rosada. It is of great architectural beauty and a museum has on display various objects belonging to the Argentine presidents.

– Metropolitan Cathedral: Neo-Renaissance character, is the most important Catholic shrine in Argentina. Here lie the remains of Don Jose de San Martin, the father of the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru. – San Telmo: this neighborhood of stately houses is preserved in time, with its cobbled streets. Your heart is the Plaza Dorrego, where you can find old cafes and bars. They are famous antiques fairs with objects of all kinds (books and magazines, clothing, coins, ornaments and more varied collection objects). – La Boca: their houses are typical postal (tenement) whose fronts are composed of plates of different colors. One of its most popular attractions is Caminito, a street where you can breathe and dance the tango and sell handicrafts and paintings.

Funding From Abroad

Not be accepted any donations or funding from abroad for the development or sustaining what the state defines as political activists and candidates on any electoral process will not be entitled to withdraw from the race until it is actually carried out; also rises the percentage of signatures for the referendum request of 10% to 20% in general cases, where the recall states that the percentage must be “not less than 30%” and in the case of abrogating rises from 5% to 20%, ie, rise bureaucratic barriers to the exercise of this right of citizenship, and pretty sore by the way … The figure of the recall referendum was held in the proposal although parallel is reserved to the National Assembly the power to dismiss any officer elected by popular vote without having their own constituents convene an endorsement of or for dismissal, also ensures the same way the possibility to dismiss the vice president, the ministers, the Attorney General, the Comptroller, the Judges at any level or instance, and so on., well within the commission proposed to eliminate the term “decentralization” of the State Constitution to approach them because this implies a “devolution” of power that undermines the objectives of the XXI Century Socialism

This is essentially what has leaked between the high and thick walls of silence and secrecy that has surrounded the government and has worked this important subject or at least what the media have made public that they have touched, in summary This is the final and absolute confiscation of all our citizens and democratic rights are concerned, the proposed constitution is approved, the final standing of all crimes and abuses that Venezuelan democratic society has been reporting for years and still many other more serious many times been rejected as alleged exaggerations of the “radical opposition and coup plotting.” Many times I have heard and have asked me what else is missing?, What we are going to come now? That’s what comes, what is missing is that ALL consciously assume the reality in all its rawness and an inescapable responsibility on our present and our future and if, indeed Venezuela is not Cuba, we can not launch into the adventure of the desperate boat people because we have no promise of asylum and freedom of the damn Florida 45 miles from our coast …. ‘.

Bolivian State

We propose to include in Article 209 that: "… deliberate through the High Command in defense, security and national interest …" "…. The court of military justice, is the highest court of military justice in professional and administrative-institutional, to comply with and enforce the laws and military regulations and institutional organization … .. "Economic and Financial Conditions country's natural resources in all its varieties and forms that occur, constitute the wealth of this and heritage for future generations. In the new Constitution should be further clarified in the Economic System in a clear manner that "Natural resources are national assets and that your care and control must be a fundamental part of the new country build. " Social Conditions Our current constitution proclaims that the work is a human right protected by the state, worker-employer relations are governed by the General Labour Act.

The status of public official determines that the charges are protected, however the requirements are not met, does not respect the administrative career and the charges vary with the new governments. Everything is said in the constitution do not know the content of the laws, rulers and ruled. We should require that the standard is met and to establish otherwise, the view of responsibilities to those who swear to respect and enforce the law. Peasant Agricultural Regime The CPE says the land belongs to the Bolivian State, as original property, the article says that the work justifies the land tenure and INRA Law does not say that the earth is for those who work but who pays taxes.

Mark Glenn Hair Extensions

And because the fiber is actually non-porous, it is not necessary to use expensive hair products, for example, conditioners, and they will have no effect on the extension hair itself. All you have to avoid is direct, sustained heat eg hot-iron straighteners, etc, rolls etc are fine. Question: Are there any restrictions? Can you color or perm the extensions of fiber? Answer: You can not perm the extensions but it would be necessary? you can achieve the same look using rollers, for example. The color has no no effect on hair extension, again, because it is not porous. This is great for customers who still have their "roots" in fact, in the knowledge that color does not affect the extension hair.

Question: On an annual basis, what would a typical customer payment extensions fashion and hair loss fiber including maintenance schedules? Are most of the costs associated with the cost of materials or labor? Answer: Costs vary from head to head and style to style. Since we have two people working in a customer's head at the same time, the cost is predominantly based on the amount of time it takes for each client. On average, a fashion client to pay around EUR a, 1,500.00 per year and a client's hair loss, about twice more. And keep in mind that you do not need to visit a barber and we take care of all this during appointments. Question: Its fiber extensions hair loss eligible the financing of health plans in England. Did you go through a certification process for this funding? Do any of your clients outside England received payment from medical plans in your country? Answer: Because of the way the health system operates in the UK (which is funded by the Government), depends largely on the attitude of local health authorities rather than a specific test.

"Some health authorities are happy to fund their patients, while others are not, preferring the cheaper option of offering wigs. We've yet to have someone from outside the United Kingdom which is funded by a health plan, etc. Question: Do you have plans to offer training stylists outside their classroom to other classrooms in the world can offer MG extensions? Answer: No, at present, although it is something we can consider in the future. Q: Are there reputable salons in the U.S.. UU. that you would recommend? Answer: Because most of our techniques have been developed in house and therefore unique to us, it is unlikely that you would find anyone locally who does things exactly the same way. The fact that today we have customers who visit us from 14 different countries, seems to confirm this. So wish I could recommend to others, but simply have not come to anyone who provides a similar result to a similar standard Glenn Thanks very much for your valuable contribution! For additional information about Mark Glenn Hair Extensions, visit their website located at Perriann Rodriguez is the author of the recently published in 2005 most popular hair extensions, available in is also the founder of and has published hundreds of articles in magazines, newspapers and trade magazines. Appears in the registry Perriann U.S. Writers of America and the 2004 Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.

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