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Venezuelan Politics and History

In 1952, shortly after his return to Venezuela, began what would be a milestone in the work about the history of Venezuelan television: its “Human Values.” Shortly after the overthrow of dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez in 1958, Uslar Pietri returned to politics and was elected in 1959 as Independent Senator, in 1963, completed the term of President Romulo Betancourt, he founded a political party with which it participates as a candidate the presidency in the elections eventually won Raul Leoni, with his party participates in the coalition of parties necessary for the support of government, but there are differences and once removed from the coalition remained in Congress, being in the 1968 election his last participation in the political party in Venezuela. That same year, and until 1974 he began his work as editor of the newspaper El Nacional. In 1975 he began his term as Ambassador, Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, which lasted until 1979. In the novels already mentioned you need to add “A Portrait in Geography “1962 and” Season of Masks “1964 and between 1981 and 1990, after his experience in the UNESCO listed” Robinson Island “and” The Visit in Time “, a work that won him the Prince literature Asturias in 1990. You can not put aside his work as an essayist: post-“Men of Letters and Venezuela” published “From one to another Venezuela,” which reflects the ills afflicting our country. Then came “The Clouds” (1952), “Notes for Portraits” (1952) and “Tierra Venezolana” (1953). In 1955 he published “A Brief History of the Latin American novel” and “Blackboard”, a book which includes a series of newspaper articles from his column same name in El Nacional. .

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