Eventually You Will Find the Right Work

If the responsibility for transport would be the employer – the owner of a taxi, he would try to reduce the probability of such incidents to a minimum. And then the drivers with little experience of driving a passenger will not be admitted, must be organized and predreysovy poslereysovy physical, appropriate selection and admission will be vehicles to transport passengers. The employment contract also guarantees workers’ rights in the sphere of social insurance, pensions, employment rights. In addition, only if the employment contract will be valid waybill issued by the driver of the vehicle after passing them predreysovogo physical examination and an inspection of the vehicle control mechanic. Is not an obstacle for a taxi driver and a permanent place of work.

Labor legislation provides employment opportunities part-time employee. In this case, an employment agreement is again required. In this case, the employee himself can decide what work he will be the main (there will be work-book), and which – more. The main thing is to make it legal. What check today, a taxi driver on the streets and car parks of the city? The presence of a taximeter in the car? The right business? Confirmation of tax payment? Encashment proceeds of transportation? Licensed to work in Eventually? None. Do the drivers of cars with disparate identification signs “taxi” and advertising dispatchers only check the presence of a licensed card. Do not focuses on the documentary confirmation of the specific vehicle and its driver’s license listed in the card company-licensee.

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