Eugene Maryinskiy

– What should know the tenants of premises? – In the process service commercial real estate is important definition of the responsibilities of tenants. Not wanting to insure their responsibility, tenants have to remember that when the insured event to fault of their own company, having paid the insurance building owner is entitled to a court to require a perpetrator for damages. Professional landlord necessarily introduces into the lease item on insurance. For example, this may be the responsibility of the tenant to insure not only their property but also improvements within the office, third party liability and responsibility to the owner of the building. Owner buildings may specify in the contract minimum amount of risk coverage in terms of money.

Typically, this involves the owner in the lease under the wording of “Operating Expenses>>. This (in addition to fees for use of premises) fee for the upkeep of buildings, whose size is established in fact. That these costs and include the cost of insurance that pays the owner. Such is the international practice. The business centers class A>> Insurance property and liability tenant is a common practice. Non-conclusion of insurance contracts is often the reason for termination of the lease by the landlord. – What is the deductible and what benefits it provides for insurance of the property? – Franchise – a little damage, which covers the client. If a contract this term is present, then the will receive no compensation at all cases, but only in those where the damage will be higher than a certain amount. This is called a conditional franchise. Such a measure is introduced in order to avoid the paperwork in the case of small damages. Deductible – the amount or percentage to be deducted from the amount of insurance compensation, taking into account the fact that some of the damage remains the responsibility of the insurance company. Payment in this case is made only if the loss exceeds the size of the franchise. Any franchise makes insurance cheaper.

– What should I look for when choosing an insurance company and the contract? – It is better to choose a major insurance company with good reputation. Having studied the characteristics of each customer, a good company will offer all the features of insurance not only of the premises, but also in its territory of equipment, and even utilities. In this case, the contract will be flexible, economical, professional calculate what sites should insure and which does not necessarily insure. And yet, a large insurance company has a large and significant financial resources. should carefully read to the end contract before signing it, because when the insured event payment is possible only if the case is registered in the contract (ie, recognized by insurance), and only when the proper operation insured property. Insurance compensation is not paid if the property damage caused by war, terrorism or malicious intent of the insured. Natural causes deterioration of the building (corrosion, rot, etc.) also not considered as a reason for the payment of insurance. With Eugene Maryinskiy interviewed Marina ANFILATOVA.

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