Deputy Chief

From 1 January 2008 to take effect become a second phase of commissioning of the changes in the cao. Some of the results summarized at the press conference, Deputy Chief ugibdd atc in the Ryazan region police colonel Esakov. He said that the situation is changing for the better. However, for the first nine months of 2007 in the Ryazan region there were more than 1500 accident victims, which killed 336 people and over 2000 injuries of varying severity. Compared to the same period of 2006 the number of accidents rose by 8.6%. To trace what changes have been sent to the cao is not difficult – it’s driving while intoxicated (according ugibdd the first nine months of this year in Ryazan of 5,300 drivers arrested while driving drunk while another 2300 people have refused to undergo a medical examination) and speeding. On the background of changes in driver behavior it became increasingly clear division into a disciplined and disciplined. Many drivers (regardless of brand cars, sex and age) will still continue to violate.

Note that the predicate offenses leading to the accident are not in exceeding the speed limit by 10-20 km / h (there are cases when setting speed limits is absurd in these road conditions) and not in the driver a little drunk (as shown by many tests of a small number of Alcohol increases the concentration of a driver working as antideprisant), and in the banal boorishness on the road! Nontransmission pedestrians on the ‘zebra’, do not use the direction indicators, the sharp evolution of the series in a row, and so. are sometimes attendant facts many accidents with personal injury. Suffer usually disciplined citizens (the real culprits are often even in the case did not appear, as to prove their involvement can be very difficult). For which has been amended? That would bring order to the roads or a way to gather additional ‘tribute’ to the drivers? Can stimulate the work of traffic police, the inspectors who, because of ” lazy 20 minutes to prove the offender it guilt? Analyzing introduced an amendment may be noted that the fight against Hammami not thrown a single line. But it should be noted that the new rules being felt – in places where there are no positions the speed drops to a position 60, and right up to 50! The reason an increase in the number of traffic police posts on our roads. If before their afternoon with fire you will not find, now behind every bush for a flat road. At the traffic police have the motivation to work. One would be happy if the positions were not only ‘in bush ‘, but also throughout the city. The number of cars patrolling the city fell (if not to say that just disappeared). Once again, a good law seems to be flawed execution. Hama both went freely, and will travel. A disciplined drivers will give way to them Whatever it was, not the amount of the fine penalty, and in his presence. That sentence stems from the fact of repeated violations. Thus the conclusion is that for restore order increasing fines task was to stimulate job is dps. Their activity or lack thereof, fundamentally affect the order in the city. Another reservation were denied, and what the road will be the order of depends only on them.

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