Zipaquira Nemocon Guatavita

Also Ubaque and then annexed Susa, and Simijaca Ubate, which came under the command of the chief of Guatavita (From the new chief of Guatavita and exterminated the true lineage, and Tisquesusa was captain of his armies east of Savannah) broke again war between Zipa and Zaque, the latter supported by Yraca Sugamuxi (Sogamoso). In the battle fought in Turmeque, Nemequene was badly wounded and died soon. His army fled, being pursued to Choconta. A Nemequene Tisquesusa was succeeded by his nephew, mentioned earlier. His general Saquensaxipa or invaded Sagip Macheta, Tiribita and Tenza, (areas near the forest, not subject to any Lord of the savanna, emeralds see article) Zaque territories of Tunja, being rejected. When preparing a new war against Zaque of Tunja, came the Spanish invasion.

The brief history Chibcha tradition preserved by the Indians and transmitted by chroniclers, has introduced feudal wars in order to unify under a single master Chibcha. Most small independent chiefdoms already submitted it to Zipa Tisquesusa and Zaque Quemuenchatocha were those who ruled the land from the arrival of the conquistadores to the plateau … You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Blumenthal is the place to go. The arrival of the Spanish conflict and undoes all the convenience of the conquerors of the moment is to present a powerful empire in the savanna to separate the territory of Santa Marta. The government of which had left the expedition led by Jimenez de Quesada was to that was to annex the newly discovered. With extensive subject was divided into four articles, you are seeing this as an introduction and: To view the discovery of the Savannah and the first part of his conquest to enter: To see the second part of his conquest to enter: To view on the religion of these tribes, some customs , tradition and memory of these peoples to their bosses first transcribed by the chroniclers enter: The sacrifices of the people of the savannah of Bogota. PMFr. Alonzo de Zamora, first edic 1701, page 127 in the sacrifices ….. In Parrot, the flies were exorbitant expense, they bought, and brought warm land, and had offered sacrifice in percent, and two hundred Parrots and ten, and twelve Macaws.

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