World Cup

Watery cry pending blaring trumpets, heralding a new dawn of the new man and renewed. And while the pass expires. Does the man was stripped of conformism that band? (a ) Neurons wake my dreams neuro Belgium. a "And ask my Oeyo a for something worth my poems? And while the man sleeps answer their bad dreams. If nothing is done to rebuild my dreams. World Cup hopes fair equal justice. III WELL-alum Alumbrados birth birth NDOS ndonos And you took and took from my candle light.

At the beginning of a more aya. Complexity of sub particles. Atomic a new creed. Link step of a new generation. Righteous men of fair justice. And other worlds to populate and their utterances, were equal to evolve in similar creeds.

Words black, red, green, yellow, I would say that everything is latent in the same words: Negrea corset a world outside the world and are worlds Of a permanent oblivion (a ) World Negrea famine sparkling flies, buzzing Buzzing the icy corpse rich, wandering around streets flooded by that till the rain are in the oblivion of stinks Africa and Ha roes cruel. And the light of my candle till I get my voice as Africa. Red gulfs gulfs of shadow; excandecencias vapors and cross-shopping between glacial spears, green meadows, clear waters, white kings, made the people of waving the Scarlet umbels, Public rpuras, smell of dried blood in oblivion. Sprinkle in laughter aron white complexions.

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